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Focus on processes.

Other tools focus on task execution, not process. This is problematic and does not focus on productivity.

A “done” or “not done” does not provide enough information to know how things are going, and both managers and team members need more understanding.

These real-life situations are not built into any project management tool; and they are usually communicated outside of them: in e-mail threads, meetings and informal discussions. Conventional tools do not offer the ability to control them. asana does.

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Save time and steps and dedicate it to more productive actions building reliable, error-proof processes.


Connect to more than 100 tools so information will flow more freely between them.

monitor all

Get a high-level overview of how all your projects are progressing, then drill in for more details to address risks.


Effectively manage your team's workload.

You will see in real time who can take more work and who can’t. Make adjustments to meet your deadlines and avoid stress.

Cross-functional Project Plan
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Plan your team's work visually.

Check out everything your team planned in a given period. Add key deliverables, set reminders for deadlines, and achieve a more productive week every week.

Make smarter, faster decisions.

Get an overview of all your work in one place Make important decisions confidently based on data, not assumptions. .

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Receive result reports in minutes.

Review and share the results of your team’s work. Consolidate data from different projects easily to see what’s important in one place.

Integrate the tools you currently use.

Bring all your data to a central node. Add over 50 integrations to centralize your workflows with just a few clicks. .

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Automation interface

Automate your workflows.

Add automation without the need for codes to your boards. Minimize the risk of human error and focus on the work that makes the difference.

The software in your hands, asana on Android and iOS.

Switch between the desktop and mobile versions without any problems with the Asana application. All the power you need to manage your projects and workflows also in your pocket.

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