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Master Real Estate Management: Detailed Purchasing Process (2/6)

The management of real estate purchases is a fundamental process in the real estate sector that involves the acquisition of properties to obtain profits through their sale or rental. This process involves steps and activities ranging from identifying investment opportunities to negotiating and closing the transaction.

A complex process that requires careful planning, analysis, and execution to ensure success in real estate investment. However, with good management and a platform to do so, it can be a quite manageable process, and here I will explain how to carry it out step by step:

  1. Identification of Opportunities: This stage involves actively searching for properties that fit your established investment criteria. As we work with a variety of sources and properties, start by creating a board on Monday.com with essential columns such as price, square meters, property details, etc. Use the item card to organize all this information clearly and compactly.

  2. Profitability Analysis: Thoroughly evaluate the profitability of your potential investments, market value, growth potential, and associated costs to determine their viability as an investment. Compare different scenarios, from a single place, using the Kanban option to visualize properties and progress in the workflow.

  3. Negotiation and Acquisition: After finding a viable property, proceed to negotiate the purchase terms with the seller. This may involve discussions about price, financing, and other key aspects. Take advantage of Monday.com‘s features to manage all activities related to the purchase. From sending emails to sellers to scheduling meetings, everything can be managed centrally from your dedicated board.

Benefits of Efficient Management:

  • Maximization of Profits: Efficient management allows us to maximize the profits from our real estate investments.

  • Risk Reduction: By carefully structuring each step of the process, we reduce the risks of mistakes or misunderstandings associated with real estate investment.

  • Time Optimization: Having a clear and defined process allows us to optimize our time and resources, enabling us to focus on more promising opportunities.

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Don’t miss the full video! In it, we delve into each stage of this process and share practical tips for success in real estate purchasing management. Also, feel free to schedule a free consultation for more personalized guidance. We’re here to help you achieve your goals in the world of real estate!

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