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Several companies were met with different business challenges. Among those were efficiently handling their leads, product and supply inventory, and even internal communications. Presented here are the case studies of how those challenges were managed using and Integromat.


Before the migration of the business processes into the platform, a thorough assessment of the company’s processes is conducted. From the assessment, an implementation plan is strategically mapped out. The plan itself is flexible and scalable depending on the business’ needs. Once the plan is approved, tests will be launched where final adjustments will be made.

Automations and Integrations

To manage one-off and recurring tasks without the need for constant manual intervention and going into different applications, automations within will be set up. If the company is utilising third-party applications like Google Suite, Xero, and the others then Integromat will be used to establish the connection.

The Master Board

The Master board workflow lets you manage and monitor an unlimited number of projects in It also provides a...

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