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  • Free discovery call
  • Analysis of your business process
  • Implementation of 1 Business process with up to 15 columns
  • Up to 15 automations per process
  • 2 Review sessions
  • 1 dashboard with up to 10 widgets
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  • Video explaining the process and map of the workflow


  • Free discovery call
  • Analysis of your business process
  • Implementation of 1 Business process with up to 20 columns
  • Required automations per process
  • 3 Review sessions
  • Up to 2 dashboards with up to 10 widgets
  • 1 Integration and up to 20 automations
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  • Bundle with help
  • Video explaining the process and map of the workflow icon5

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Case study


How I helped a EMS company to rapidly deploy and boost productivity, transparency, and accountability


North EMS* is a company dedicated to provide first aid support and to manage claims. Claim management in US is a lengthy and complex process with many different steps, stakeholders and paths. There are even dedicated tools to manage this kind of process but it can also be implemented with with some initial planning. I was hired because North EMS was looking for a new solution that would provide a central organizational system and avoid the use of spreadsheets and emails.


A rollout plan was devised to first, implement the existing claim management process in and then train the staff to start using the platform with the best collaboration practices.

Some of the steps were:

  • Capture the claim management process within the company to understand the different casuistries.
  • Implement the process in
  • The whole process was implemented with 11 boards connected between each other’s, with 8 dashboards to monitor all the projects and provide meaningful data.
  • The main board contains 80+ columns to manage all the information and reporting.
  • Integrate other tools like Twilio or HubSpot.
  • Train the staff and provide support in their onboarding process.
  • Extend the use of to other projects and departments within the company.


After the creation of the new boards and dashboards the company is totally relying on to manage the complex claim management process and the rests of company workflows removing the use of spreadsheets and email, and improving the

Overall, North EMS experienced new levels of productivity, transparency, and organization.

*Name changed for privacy

Case study


How I helped a manufacturing company to manage their projects with China


BuzzPipe* is a manufacturing company that design and manufacture products for kitchen and garden. They create their designs and order the production to China factories. Up to know the way to manage their projects had been relying on email communications with the suppliers and receiving information about the planing in a regular basis without having a full picture of the production timeline of each project, the risks and other contigencies that could occur.

Some of the steps that needed to occur included:

  • Transfer existing processes, spreadsheet and email communication to
  • Improve the communication with suppliers to increasy the transparency and accountability.
  • Transition from multiple disparate project management and communication tools to a single source of truth in
  • Assist with the communication and change management of the rollout to maintain alignment and increase employee buy-in.


I designed a two-phase approach for a successful deployment at BuzzPipe. Phase I started analyzing and transfering the existing processes and procedures to A series of surveys and discovery meetings were held with different departments of the company. This surfaced each unit’s most important workflows and helped them understand’s benefits.

Next phase was focused in the project management are implemented dedicated boards and dashboards to be able to manage the RFQ processes, monitor existing suppliers and manage the projects.

Additional time was dedicated with each organization to develop templates in for all areas of the company.


The project was a success in terms of reducing the duration of the projects, the increase of the visibility to end clients and the improve of the productivity within the company.

Other benefits included:

  • Executives were excited to have unprecedented levels of insight thanks to valuable custom search reports.
  • Resource planning was much improved as shared resources were no longer overbooked by unfiltered requests for work.
  • Template tasks standardized common cross-functional workflows that touched every unit, ensuring nothing fell between the cracks.
  • A robust project management system was incorporated to monitor the projects with less resources and higher efficiency.

*Name changed for privacy