5 Competences you look for in a virtual employee

5 Competences you look for in a virtual employee

A virtual employee is a great asset to the organization that is why the trend of hiring virtual employees is increasing continuously. However, as a virtual project manager, it is your responsibility to carefully choose members for your remote team who have the capability to work from home or virtually.
If you are a virtual project manager, below are some competencies you should look for in a virtual employee.

1. Be clear about what you want in a Virtual Employee

You should be clear about what you are looking for in a virtual employee and whether that employee will be a perfect fit for your team and organization or not. You must access if the employee will be able to work according to your organization’s culture.

2. Determine Whether the Employee is Technologically Aware

An employee must be technologically aware and have the ability to learn new technology. Sometimes certain technology is required to complete a task that is why the ability of the employees to keep up with technology is such an important skill. It can have a great impact on the effectiveness and productivity of the team.

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3. Ensure the Virtual Employee is good at Communication

Communication among team members is critical to the success of the project and the team. Miscommunication is usually one of the biggest issues and reasons of conflict in a virtual team. So you as a virtual project manager should look for employees who are willing to put more effort into communicating with the team.

4. Look for Ambitious Employees

You should look for employees who are ambitious about their work and are result-oriented. Such employees have a certain type of energy and are eager to work independently and produce the required results. An employee with an independent drive is a perfect fit for a virtual team because members of such a team usually work more independently.

5. Look for Disciplined and Self-Motivated Employees

Self-discipline is a very important attribute of virtual employees because the purpose to have such employees is to have people who can work without supervision. Self-motivation is also a key skill because such employees don’t need someone to tell them constantly how important their work is for the team.

Remember to evaluate a virtual employee based on these skills before hiring.

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