5 Tips to standardize your Creative Briefs with a Collaboration Tool

5 Tips to standardize your Creative Briefs with a Collaboration Tool

Creative briefs are essential for a team to be more productive. As a remote project manager, you must create a standardize creative brief, which can be done easily through a collaboration tool, so that you can get the information required to start a project from your team members.

Before building a creative brief you must have a creative process in place. A creative process consists of steps that a team follows to produce an assent such as an advertisement, ebook, illustration, etc.
If you want to create a standardize creative brief, these tips will guide you on how to do it efficiently through a collaboration tool.

1. Be Clear about your Objectives

It is very important that you as a remote project manager, have a clear picture of why is this project important and what should be the outcome. You must document all your objectives and goals. When you know what your objectives are, you will be able to evaluate your team’s performance and effectiveness. 

2. Identify your Audience

If you know your target audience it really helps in creating a good creative brief because you know what you exactly want to produce. Not to mention, it also helps to achieve better project results. 

3. Determine How your Project Outcome Will be Used

You must know how your project’s asset will be used by your organization and how it will be distributed. You should also decide how will you deliver the final product. For example, if it is an illustration, you should decide which file format you are going to use.

4. Set the Deadlines using your Collaboration Tool

Knowing and meeting deadlines are very crucial for the success of a project. You should know when the project’s creative deliverables are due and how critical it is. This can be done by including a section in the collaboration tool, where the requesters can indicate the deadlines and specify whether they are strict or flexible deadlines. 

5. Identify Everyone Who is Related to your Project

It is very important to know at the start of the project, who will be involved in your project. You should know who your team members will be and what role they will play; who will monitor the progress etc.

If you are a remote project manager who is thinking of creating a creative brief, keep these tips in your mind while doing so.

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