7 Tips for Ensuring You Know All Your Stakeholders

7 Tips for Ensuring You Know All Your Stakeholders

Knowing your project’s stakeholders is quite essential for the success of the project because it directly depends on whether your project has met the stakeholder’s expectations or not. All of the people related to your project have some interest in your project’s outcome. So, knowing who your stakeholders are will help you in determining and meeting their needs and expectation.
If you are a virtual project manager and are going to work on a new project soon, check out the tips below to know all the people associated with your project.

1. Create a Stakeholders List

The first step in identifying your stakeholders is to document their names on a comprehensive list. You should make categories and subcategories on the list to ensure all your stakeholders are there.
For example, you make two main categories that are internal and external. You should then divide them into subcategories such as upper management, team members, etc. for the internal category and customers, vendors, etc. for the external category.

2. Write Detailed Information of your Stakeholders

Once you have identified the main categories of your stakeholders, you should specify them by their position, name and contact numbers. For example, if you have identified people from marketing department as your stakeholders, you should pinpoint specific people from this department such as marketing manager for UVW service, name, and contact number.

3. Talk to People from Different Departments and Units

You should talk to people with different levels of experience in your organization from different departments, teams, and units. Discuss with them whether they know of someone you might be your stakeholder.

4. Dedicate Enough Time to Create the List

As a virtual project manager, you should not rush the process of building the stakeholders’ list. As soon as you learn about your project, start thinking about your stakeholders and keep on updating the list throughout the project if you discover any new stakeholders.

5. Include Stakeholders who Might be Related to You Project in Any Way

At the start of the project, you must include each and every person you think might play a role in your project. Later on, you can decide how they affect your project and how to involve these people. If at any point you feel some people are not related to your project in any way, you can exclude them from your list.

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