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Documents are a normal part of any organization or running a business. While creating new documents can still get the job done, having to manually change  clients details such as names and addresses every time can be unrewarding. Docupilot is designed to automate this process, allowing you to change such details automatically and create a personalized document for every client.

Docupilot is a flexible and intuitive document automation software. It allows you to create documents using intelligent templates and available data. You can design personalized templates using the built-in document builder or Microsoft Word, define variables, tables and loops to capture data. The automation software further allows you to send the created documents to applications like Dropbox, Zapier, and Docusign as an email. The connection and updates can also be made easier with the use of Make (formerly Integromat)

Templates are particularly useful because they are pre-written and preformatted. They come with containing placeholders where you can replace the content with your own. This way, you can create personalized documents faster and more accurately. In other words, creating and sending the document takes lesser time and effort when you are not starting from scratch. Depending on the kind of document you send regularly, you can build reusable templates to increase productivity and ensure consistency across all documents.  

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Why Docupilot

Docupilot is an intuitive cloud-based document automation software. The software stands out from its competitors with the comparatively low price that makes it more affordable. Docupilot comes with predefined templates that allow enterprises to create quotes, proposals, agreements, invoices, purchase and sales orders, and other documents. By automating the documentation process, Docupilot allows enterprises to handle orders, sales, and partnerships on a unified portal.  

Once you purchase Docupilot, you get a free forever 20 documents to get you started. You can also integrate the software with various data sources, including online databases, forms, CRM, surveys, and HR. Professionals in the HR department can generate offer letters, on-boarding files, and other documents. In addition, users can produce and send offers, gift materials, coupons, and other marketing materials to customers. The three key benefits of using Docupilot include: 

Secure and Error Free

Docupilot allows you to secure and protect your documents with a password. You can always assure your clients confidentiality, building much-needed customer trust. Since the documents are generated automatically, accuracy is achieved without having to worry about the accidental wrong typing of the client’s name or using the wrong address. Without manual inputting of data and information, the room for human error is kept at minimal. All information is entered digitally avoiding errors that come with writing by hand.  

Saves Time

Docupilot saves you the time you would have used entering every client’s details in a document. The software automates the tedious work of document creation, saving you an extra hour per document. This came can be used to focus more on the core of your business and identify growth opportunities. As a document automation platform, Docupilot gives you access to the tools needed to create to revamp templates for easier document generations. You can also digitize your offline documents and reuse them as many times as possible.

Intuitive Workflow

Docupilot simplifies some of the most complex documentation workflows in a business. This makes the entire process easy so that you won’t have to repeat the same data entry process every time you are preparing a document. You can also integrate data from other platforms like Forms, HR, CRM, and online databases to fasten the process.

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How Docupilot Works

Docupilot works in three key steps that allow automatic documentation process. The first step is to build a template. You can write the templated in the built-in document builder or use Microsoft Word. You can also upload a fillable PDF, and build dynamic content using conditionals, variables, tables, and loops.  

The second step is to generate documents. Instead of creating documents manually, Docupilot allows you to automate the document creation workflow. This can be achieved in several ways, including data capture form, API integration, Zapier integration. You can also connect the software to other data sources through online applications like online databases, online forms, and CRM. 

The final step is to deliver the document to the appropriate audience. Docupilot lets you automate the document workflow from the start to configuring deliveries. For instance, you can create and email personalized sales documents whenever a lead is found or created in SalesForce. You may also generate and email PDFs created from Google Forms response, or generate documents and store them in Dropbox or Google Drive for backup and audit. The delivery of the document may also involve sending generated documents to DocuSign for the purposes of e-signing.  


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Everyday Use of Docupilot

Docupilot allows you to create dynamic documents on demand, saving you time and effort. The software helps you eliminate the tedious and error-prone manual process of creating documents. Everything is created automatically providing you with an accurate, fast, and secure way of generating documents to automate your document-based workflow. You can also integrate Docupilot with several third-party applications such as BambooJR, 123FormBuilder, Clio, Google Forms, Docusign, Box, Airtable, and more.  

In everyday operations, Docupilot can be applied in any of the following areas: 

  • Invoice and Receipts: With Docupilot, you can create standardthemed invoices and receipts for your organization. You will only need to provide line items to send receipts
  • Purchase and Sales Orders: Docupilot allows you to create purchase and sales orders within minutes. Simply fill out a form and your orders are ready to be sent. 
  • Proposals and Quotes: Docupilot cuts down the time take to create proposals and quotes. You get to make a themed template and only enter the necessary content or line items dynamically to make the proposals ready. 
  • HR Documents: With Docupilot, you can generate onboarding documents, create letters, and other types of HR documents on the go. You will only link the document to your HR management applications to use it appropriately.  
  • Education: Docupilot allows you to send certificates, fee receipts, admission documents, and more by integrating into your existing system. Keep both the students and parents updated with any new developments or progress.
  • Personalized Documents: With Docupilot, you can create customized templates by uploading word documents or creating a document from scratch and integrate it with your favorite apps.  
  • Real Estate Contracts and Rentals: Docupilot allows you to close more deals faster since you will be issues contracts and rental agreements faster and easier. You will only need to enter a few details in a form, without having to worry about sending out emails to prospects.
  • Marketing: Docupilot allows you to send out marketing materials to customers and prospects with ease. Get to inform them about coupons, upcoming offers, gift cards, and more only by tapping a single button.  


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Benefits of Docupilot

The importance of document automation cannot be overstated. If you are having important documents that need to be reviewed and signed, you will want to forward them to the right person as soon as possible. You do not want the document to sit dormant in the inbox or having to follow up every 24 hours to find out if they have reviewed the file. The best possible outcome is to get the document completed in the shortest time possible and forward it to the client. 

Document automation using Docupilot typically makes the process seamless. The process involves generating documents with the software for immediate use. You can create the document from scratch or use an already approved template, making the process faster and easier. The document selected for the specific purpose will then travel to the required stakeholders in an automated workflow. Consequently, the need for manual document creation, printed paperwork, email reminders, and other time-consuming activities is eliminated. 

Document automation is not only possible with some processes or types of organizations. On the contrary, Docupilot had a wide range of applications because it can be used by any type of business that deals with transaction-based documents. The automation process can be useful for organizations in the legal firms, financial services, real estate, sales, human resources, government agencies, and manufacturing companies. These organization can utilize Docupilot to enhance their paperwork, including their contracts, legal documents, hiring documents, healthcare forms, financial forms, and more.  

Do you need help to set up

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Integration with

While Docupilot will automate the documentation process, you will also need a way to ensure that teams are working together towards the same goal. From my experience, stands out in allowing teams to collaborate on key projects. I have seen clients reporting an increase in the productivity of their teams and company performance when they integrated Docupilot with

As a cloud-based work operating system, provides a simplified way to manage teams and projects while creating a transparent work culture. This means that documents will be shared easily and efficiently amongst the teams. Not only that, updates can also be automatically done on the documents with the use of Make

If you have further questions with board functions and configurations, you may schedule a commitment-free consultation with me.  









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