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The success of any business greatly depends on how well the customers are engaged. While it may sound easy to have an automatic chatbot handle common customer answers, building such a chatbot is easier said than done. Working with my clients, I have seen that many of them still have rudimentary ways to communicate with leads and clients involving a lot of manual work and only a few of them are already using automatic toolLandbot aims to help businesses like yours engage with audiences in a natural way through conversations.  

What is Landbot?

Landbot is an intuitive and non-code chat builder for creating conversational apps. The builder combines conversational interface benefits with rich UI elements to produce outstanding products. The tool is useful in converting more traffic to a website using chatbots that engage visitors, offer realtime answers to their questions, and automate the overall conversational strategies.  

Landbot stands out as a user-friendly non-code solution for creating conversational apps. The apps are a natural evolution of chatbots, allowing businesses to communicate better with customers and other businesses. By combining interactive conversational interface with the rich UI elements, conversational apps automate advanced data workflows, including business applications. This means you can address the needs of a business on both the communication aspect and process automation.  

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Benefits of Landbot to a Business

The value of chatbots in modern business cannot be overlooked. Anyone who has used understands the importance of having the right tools in a business. The business environment has become so competitive that only businesses with excellent customer experience outperform others. Landbot may give you the power to create a single tool for multiple uses and enhance both customer service and team management. The chatbots may help your business in the following ways: 

  1. Generating Leads – Long gone are the days of using the “fill-the-form” approach to generate leads. Chatbots are friendlier, collect real-time data, and boost leads generation through approachable and helpful chat assistants. In turn, it boosts business productivity with less effort.  
  2. Qualifying Leads – Chatbots come with targeted questions and smart integrations that allow a business to assess and qualify potential leads. Since they give a seamless experience, chatbots qualify leads with minimal strain on the UX. 
  3. Running Surveys – Customers are easily bothered by long boring forms asking for their feedback. Instead of putting customers through such experiences, chatbots provide a conversational way of engaging customers and improving their response rate. 
  4. Customer Support – Chatbots are an excellent modern solution for customer support. Get an easy way to assess customer issues, prepare grounds for quick resolutions, automate the routine process, and provide better service. The chatbots can enhance collaboration amongst teams while ensuring any pending issues are addressed in time.  
  5. Answering FAQs – Chatbot saves potential customers the time they would have to browse the website for answers. In a simple conversational style, the bot answers FAQs immediately, boosting conversion rates. 
  6. Booking Tickets and Reservations – Chatbots allow customers to book tickets instantly, make appointments or reservations while being guided in a conversational style. The process is natural and makes the customer feel appreciated.  
  7. Recruitment and Onboarding – Chatbots automates the recruitment and onboarding process while keeping the human touch. This improves employee experience while ensuring their concerns are efficiently addressed. 
  8. Collecting Feedback – With chatbots, a business organization can make the process of providing feedback easy and enjoyable. Through a personalized and conversational experience, customers will be more willing to provide genuine feedback. 
  9. Finding Products Easily – Chatbots can turn conversations to a product-finder as needed. Smart filter features help to bring relevant products to the customer within seconds. This ensures the customers can find what they need immediately and be satisfied with the services offered.  
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Who Landbot is Best For

No business can operate in the modern landscape without a website. When people visit a website, they expect a certain level of attention and customer service. Landbot is a platform that was created for brands that want to engage more with their website visitors. This is made possible by the use of highly interactive chatbots, which attend to customers and generate leads effectively without using AI.  

You may already know that chatbots refers to software, which communicates with users or website users using a chat interface that mimics natural conversation. The chatbot may be rule-based, it will follow the adventure stipulated by the business. It may also use an element of artificial intelligence in communication such as natural language programming (NLP). While rule-based chatbots provide a structured experience for customers guiding the conversation along a pre-defined path, elements of AI are closer to normal human interactions and use a natural language. With Landbotyou have the option to choose the type of chatbot that will work best for the business. In most cases, however, a combination of the two works best.  

Landbot is not only effective in building conversational apps but is also easy to use. The tool fits perfectly in the marketing stack with native integrations like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, ZapierIntegromatSlack, and many more. It also comes with prebuilt templates that can be used in areas like product recommendations, lead generations, and other customizations.  

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What Makes Landbot Unique

While there are many chatbots on the internet today, Landbot stands out as a chatbot that keeps people in mind. You can build a high-quality chatbot on Landbot within minutes and start using them on a website. Some of the features that I have found that make Landbot such a powerful tool include: 

  1. Game of Drag-and-Drop – No coding is involved when using Landbot to create conversational apps. The platform comprises a simple-to-use and navigate intuitive interface. You can use the platform and create responsive chatbots even with minimal technical skills. You only need to navigate through the conversational flow of block and arrows, make clear connections, and the chatbot is ready for use.  
  2. Prebuilt Chatbot Templates – Landbot makes the entire creation easy with a wide selection of bricks and templates. The prebuilt chatbot templates are ideal for any occasion or purpose. You can choose a template for event registration, product launch, lead generation, or even job application. 
  3. Codeless Formatting – Landbot stands out as a codeless formatting chatbot builder. Several formats are available for use, including landing page, website widget, pop-up, and site embed. These tools will allow you to adapt the bot to the specific business or purpose they are being created for. 
  4. Multi-use Custom Bricks – With the multi-use customer bricks, you can create specific sequences for dialog flows. For instance, you may include the responses to be included for a visitor who is trying to sign up to the website to verify their email. These virtual bricks can be reused as many times as possible to create a new bot with a single click.  

Using Landbot with

Integrating Landbot in will streamline communications and enhance project management in a business. While Landbot serves as the first interaction experience of the customers of a business, on the backend with the help of Integromat receives and stores the information collected by a bot if there’s a need to. 

For example, for an event management company, I can configure the bot to receive the bookings of customers. On‘s side, I will structure a board to have columns that will receive the specific information from the customer’s booking. So, as the booking details are received, those will then be distributed on the columns of a board where event managers can view and then act on it. 

In return, when a customer checks on a booking previously made, Landbot can pull the information from the board. I’ll use a unique id to pull the details to ensure that correct information is provided to the customer.

The scenario above is just among the many processes a company can take advantage of the integration of Landbot and You may check Landbot here and see what it can do for your business.

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Landbot offers an excellent opportunity to improve customer experience from the moment they land into a website or any other platform. As a consultant, I use Landbot to optimize every stage of the customer journey. The goal is to enhance customer experience from lead generation to customer support. 

While Landbot plays a big role in ensuring I create chatbots that serve the needs of business clients, having everything in a single platform is critical. This is where and Integromat come into play.  The powerful combination of the two ensures that Landbot is fully integrated into a business and seamlessly works with other tools the business is using.  








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