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In every project management task, a lot goes into documentation and sharing of ideas. Whether it is remote work or collaborating with teams in office settings, you will need to share documents at some time. 

I often find it easier working over the cloud to share ideas with team members and allowing everyone to access project progress at any time wherever they are located. While there are many tools to do this, PandaDoc has proven to be effective in the creation and management of documents for projects. 

As I manage projects, I utilize the tool together with For  a swift connection between my documentation and collaboration tools, I use Make (formerly Integromat)

PandaDoc takes all the work from your document and makes it a workflow. It allows your teams to move fast with a simple yet sophisticated all-in-one solution. This way, you can easily manage how you create, edit, and sign documents. 

The tool serves as an all-in-one document workflow automation app that helps to scale team management and accelerate their ability to create, edit, manage, and sign digital documents. It allows the team to prepare proposals, contracts, quotes, and more in shorter times than conventional word processors. 

Why PandaDoc?

Older document tools are limited by speed and range of activities. They can slow you down and make editing work harder than it should be. This web tool is designed for business improvement and making the whole process of creating and editing documents in a team as easy as possible. I use PandaDoc for digital signing internal documents, especially employment-related documents and contracts. 

The tool is effective when signing bonus payout documents, target agreements, and other similar documents. It is so versatile that you can use it to sign professional documents for authorities and less formal documents such as birthday cards 

With ready templates, e-signature, approval workflows, custom fields, and more, you can create impressive documents within minutes and sign them in a snap. When working with a team, the tool goes further to send timely notifications, improvement tips, and collaboration insights. The three features that I find to stand out in PandaDoc include: 

  1. eSignature –  Allows you to send documents faster with the integrated security and convenience of legally binding e-signatures. 
  2. Workflow – You can create, send, and track documents. The tool allows you to replicate existing workflow and any approval process to make work easier for you. 
  3. API – Nothing beats the ability to take full control of the app and your documents. You can integrate its features into your website and application to take full advantage of its features.  
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Where Can You Use PandaDoc

In my experience, I have found that the tool can be used in almost all types of projects. The platform allows you to create and edit documents fashionably and conveniently. You can also keep your team in the know, and ensure everyone is on the page. Some of the areas in which it has proven to be effective include:


The tool allows you to create, send, and track documents. You can replicate the approval process to match your project needs. This is a tool that allows documents to move at the speed of your deals to make sure you are not missing anything.

First, use templates to get docs fast by creating a master copy and only changing a few items before sending it. 

Second, enjoy custom branding of your docs with custom themes, fonts, colors, and more so that your reps deliver consistent documents. 

Third, get access to real-time analytics of what happens to your doc after you hit send. Get to know whether the document was opened, how long the reader viewed it, and whether they completed reading the content.

When using PandaDoc, I look for ways to accelerate deal workflow to achieve goals faster. The tool gives you the power to create a more scalable pipeline that you can deliver a delightful buyer experience. 

On the other hand, your sales team can enjoy the benefit of getting more work done in less time. The docs are fast and dynamic with automatic notifications and reminders, fully customizable templates, and built-in legally binding signatures.


You can transform your entire marketing efforts. Equip your sales and marketing team with stunning and customizable documents that sell your brand. In fact, PandaDoc is only one step from perfectly aligning your sales and marketing. 

You get custom branding by selecting document themes, colors, and fronts that reflect your brand in every document created. Instead of wasting time coming up with content, it comes with a dedicated content library for marketers to quickly create or upload client quotes, case studies, gifs, product screenshots, and more. 

In addition, your sales and marketing team can use real-time analytics to find out which documents are winning and what content is outperforming the rest.

Something I like about it even more is the ability to increase productivity and team management when working on documents. It enables you to maintain control over marketing messaging and ensure that the sales team is creating hyper-personalized documents with ease. This way, you can generate more leads and create stellar marketing content for your brand. The tool gives the brand a clear voice for competition, the ability to stay in control, and reusing work with minimal changes.


Break down your organizational silos with a workflow process that produces faster sales cycles. I am intrigued with the way the tool gets you more flow with less work. 

It allows you to document workflows at a speed that you want to move with. The approval of workflows is automated by replicating and accelerating the doc handoff process to keep conversations going. You can also integrate your favorite apps to save time when solving important issues. Real-time analytics allows you to see what the team is working on, where they are in a project, and how close you are to achieving goals.

When working with a team, you always want everyone to move at the same speed. For fast-moving teams, docs that can keep up are critical. PandaDoc helps you to break down operational inefficiencies and put everything in a seamless document workflow. This way, you can scale your overall revenue and deliver higher win rates. 

Also, you can streamline and simplify the process for the sales, marketing, and customer success teams. From CRM to out-of-the-box integration to insightful reporting dashboards, you get a holistic view of where you can maximize revenue. In your operations, keep the documents moving forward, unlock more data, and turn insights into revenue.

Customer Success

Enhance your customer service by empowering your team with ways of personalizing the customer experience. PandaDoc brings together the features needed to empower the customer success team and increase your revenue significantly. The tool empowers the customer success team to get more work done at a faster rate, focusing more on the customer. 

With the available rich media, the team can speed up product onboarding and excite customers with embedded photos, product screenshots, videos, gifs, and more. The interactive pricing allows the customer to instantly choose the best package for their annual renewals. In addition, you can track how customers adopt your new products using available analytics.

PandaDoc allows you to deliver relevant and personalized documents at all points of the customer lifecycle. The tool helps in building lasting customer relationships that promote customer success. Leaders in the team can create and send documents for every renewal, QBR, or expansion opportunity within minutes. Get to build a fast renewal flywheel, make customers’ data shine, guide customers to value, and jumpstart onboarding success.

PandaDoc E-signature

Integrating PandaDoc with

One of the ways of managing projects and business processes easier is integrating different tools into a single work hub. Integrating this documentation tool into gives you the ability to create, view, and track documents within any project you are working on. I find this to be an easy way of putting all the necessary information together, and comparing different elements of the projects on the go.

To give you a specific example on how I utilize the tool with, I’ve had a project for a digital marketing agency. I’ve designed their process in a way that each of their customers is assigned a board. The project requests of each customer are stored on the customer’s project board. If this customer will have a new project request, the onboarding document is created in PandaDoc and then sent to them. 

When that customer fills out the necessary information and sends the document back, I’ve set up Make to process the details from the onboarding document and then it will be displayed on the board for the project managers to act on. 

With such connection, there is no need for the project managers to go into  different tools. Most if not all of the tasks needed to be fulfilled can be initiated within monday.

PandaDoc Create Document


PandaDoc is built for better creation, editing, managing, and sharing of documents. I have this tool to prioritize convenience for users by bringing all the tools you need when preparing docs in one place. The interface is user-friendly with simple procedures, easy-to-use features, and seamless integrations with other programs.

When you integrate it with, you get to enjoy the full benefits of the tool. All of your team members can view documents in a centralized location, ensuring both the client and team are satisfied at all steps of the project.  

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