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In an era of remote work and the gig economy, organizations are looking for simple software to use. Unfortunately, most business software is expensive, clunky, or hard to set up. It can be frustrating to set up and even use if you are working with a team. When you get a simple and affordable tool like Freshdesk, it takes all the weight from your shoulders. The platform is ideal as a business improvement solution for dealing with customer tickets and communication. It’s even more powerful if integrated with a collaboration tool like 

Freshdesk allows you to delight your customers and give them a lasting experience. The platform goes beyond marketing your services or engaging with customers. It offers you a wide range of services including bots, omnichannel, and self-service solutions for customer service. Freshdesk allows you to achieve:  

  • Streamlined customer conversations in one place
  • Automation of repetitive work and saving time
  • Collaboration with teams to resolves issues faster and efficiently  

What Makes Freshdesk Unique

Freshdesk is designed to make your work easier and give your customers an experience when interacting with your business. The ticketing platform helps you to improve your relationship with customers while providing them with a seamless experience of chatting and ticketing.  

Easy Ticketing 

With Freshdesk, you can prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets faster and easier. The tool allows you to keep track of your tickets and resolve them amicably. Since customers can raise issues with almost anything in your business, you need a simple way of managing tickets and ensuring each is resolved in time. The key ticketing features offered by Freshdesk include: 

  1. Team Inbox – The team inbox is a single inbox that allows you to track and manage any incoming support tickets from different channels.
  2. Agent Collision Detection – With this feature, you can track what your agents are up to. This way, you can ensure that different agents do not end up working on the same ticket.
  3. Ticket Field Suggester – When a customer books a ticket, Freshdesk automatically suggests how it should be categorized, prioritized, and assigned. It routes all incoming tickets to ensure none is overlooked.
  4. SLA Management – Freshdesk allows you to set deadlines for individual ticket responses. Let every ticket be resolved on time depending on the different business hours and categories.
  5. Customer Ticket Status – With this feature, you can create custom statuses based on your workflow. This also helps in identifying the stage at which a ticket is in.
  6. Thank You Detector – The thank you detector is a Freshdesk feature that prevents tickets from reopening whenever a customer responds with a thank you.
  7. Canned Responses – Some questions are common amongst different customers. Canned responses provide quick and consistent responses when a customer raises a common question. You just choose a pre-formatted reply and send it to the customer, saving time and leaving them satisfied.
  8. Scenario Automation – Freshdesk allows you to perform multiple actions on a ticket with only just a click. Once repetitive actions are automated, you can serve a lot more customers within a short time. 

Resolving Issues as a Team 

Nothing helps to solve issues faster than working together as a team. With team management being put under consideration, Freshdesk supports teams to work together and address issues that customers face. You will always know that the right person, who is capable of providing relevant information, is addressing any issue raised by a customer. Some of the key team collaboration features include: 

  1. Shared Ownership – Your team gets to share ownership of the active tickets. This helps in solving issues without losing visibility into the progress made in resolving problems.
  2. Team Huddle – With the team working together on the same platform, you can discuss specific issues or parts of the ticket and get insights from different experts within the organization. Apart from resolving issues quickly, you also get to come up with the best solutions.
  3. Parent-child Ticketing – With parent-child ticketing, you can resolve complex issues faster. The feature allows you to approach issues at multi-stage and splitting them into smaller manageable child tickets.
  4. Linked Tickets – Some tickets can be related or associated with one another in several ways. Freshdesk allows you to link related tickets while keeping track of widespread issues to ensuring consistent responses are provided. 

Support Multichannel Communication 

Freshdesk is designed to provide support and services across different communication channels. When customers raise issues with a business, they will have to do it on more than one platform. I personally have had to address an issue with a client both on the social media platform, email, and phone. While the same customer may not be aggressive on all the platforms, you will likely encounter issues being raised on multiple channels. With Freshdesk, you get the power to unify and manage all support-related communication on a single platform: 

  1. Social Media – Allows you to integrate the Facebook and Twitter pages of your company so that you can manage them within the helpdesk. You do not have to keep on switching tabs or windows to respond to customers.
  2. Phone – Set up a fully functional call center. Not only will you answer calls, but you also get to record and track calls, which you can convert into tickets.
  3. Email – Many customers consider email a formal way of raising concerns. Freshdesk has a feature for converting emails into trackable tickets that you can add to your helpdesk. This makes it easier to manage issues and formally resolve them.
  4. WhatsApp – The influence of WhatsApp in the corporate world cannot be overlooked. Customers already use this chat app as a way of raising concerns, complaints, or inquiries. Freshdesk allows you to engage customers instantly on WhatsApp, address their concerns, and resolve their queries faster.
  5. Website – With Freshdesk, you can let customers raise tickets directly from your websites. The tickets are then displayed in the knowledge base article, for easier solving of future issues.  

Managing Field Workforce 

The role of the field workforce in project management deserves a lot of attention. The team management aspect of Freshdesk can help you improve the productivity of your field workforce. In a single helpdesk or platform, you can manage your end-to-end field service operations, ensuring everything is working as desired. Services ranging from scheduling to time tracking are readily available within your reach:  

  1. Mobile Field Service – Get your field technicians picking up service tasks instantly, updating information, and resolving issues.
  2. Scheduling Dashboard – The scheduling dashboard comes with drag and drop features that you can use to set appoints and assign tasks in a bird’s eye view of your entire team workload.
  3. Time Tracking – Automatically track the time that your field workforce has spent on specific tasks. You can do all that with the mobile app and go ahead to log your billable hours.
  4. Customer Signature – Freshdesk mobile app allows you to obtain your customers’ signature with a single swipe. You can then attach it to the service task.
  5. Service Groups – Create technician groups based on factors like location or priority to reduce waiting time. This is also a great way of boosting time-time fix rates.
  6. Service Tasks – You can create tasks for tickets, defining the roles of the field team, and responses to be issued. This feature also allows you to track the status of tasks and tickets until completion.  
If now you’re curious to check and try Freshdesk, you may click here.
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Additional Services Offered by Freshdesk

As mentioned earlier, Freshdesk is a bank of tools that will help you with your customers as you give them support in whatever issues they are having. The thing I like most about Freshdesk is the seamless nature of using different tools under the same platform. You can easily switch from chatting to a customer on WhatsApp to answering a phone call or discussing an issue with the fieldwork team. 

With all the diverse tools in one place, you can do almost anything related to customer service. Apart from the services highlighted above, you can also increase the productivity of your team through ticket dispatch, event-triggered automation, omniroute, time-triggered automation, and automatic email notification.  You can also help customers to assist themselves through chatbot powered by Freddy AI, email to Kbase, help widget, solution article analytics, linking forum topic to the ticket, and automatically suggesting solutions. Other outstanding features include measuring efficiency through reports and customer ratings, customization capabilities, and state-of-the-art data security. 

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Integrating Freshdesk to

As Freshdesk will help in delivering excellent customer service, it’s undeniable that it’s focus does not encompass all the processes that are involve in the business operation. So then, this is where comes into play. 

Since I started using, managing teams and projects has been a lot easier and faster. The platform allows you to bring together several tools, and manage them under a single work hub. By integrating Freshdesk to, you are adding a ticketing platform alongside other tools you may be using. 

One project I had for an IT solution provider company, I’ve used Freshdesk for their clients to report issues. Details of the incidents are then relayed and displayed on a board using Integromat. With such, not only the customer service associates can see the issue but also managers and other individuals who had the need to know.

The integration gave them a seamless way of resolving customers’ concerns  while ensuring the business is running smoothly in other aspects like human resource management, supply management, and others. 

With that, it is suffice to say that Freshdesk and combined will give you more time to focus on business development that will benefit your employees and the clients.








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