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This project is for an event management company that offers interpretation services to clients.  

It is a leading provider that offers remote interpretation services and a participation platform. It works with many companies worldwide, including the Fortune 500. Since it is a cloud-based solution, it can host events, meetings, and conferences anywhere in the world at any time.  

Companies have chosen to work with the company because of the versatility and scalability of its services. They have available qualified interpreters even for the rare languages who can serve anyone even with short notice.  

Your business model may be similar to this company in some way or another. Read on to find out how can significantly help improve your processes, and how Integromat can help to quickly scale it.  


The company needed a system to manage the interactions with clients like events booking and price quotation. Also, they needed it to organize the internal work, so services are delivered to the clients promptly.   

The system must also be as efficient as possible to minimize the cost and be ready to scale quickly. The system required connections to several tools for different purposes like quoting, scheduling and creation of events.  

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The following were the main challenges to construct an efficient system:


Using as the central tool for the project, the implementation plan was iteratively constructed to start with some concepts and then add more functionality.  

Using Integromat to connect to the rest of the tools was a key factor in automating the processes. The tools are connected to monday, exchanging data in a streamlined way.  


From the implementation plan, a process map is made. Using as the collaboration tool and Integromat as the automation tool, several third-party applications are linked together, such as Pipedrive, Xero, Google Calendar, Google Docs and other internal tools.

Several resources boards like the Portfolio, Pricing, Hours, and others are created as a start. Client and management boards pull information from those boards when needed.

Manage deals in Pipedrive

Pipedrive is the lead management tool. It is where project managers check what type of deals the clients are interested in. Instead of going to the tool itself, this is accessible from the main dashboard as it is already connected to monday using Integromat.

Integration of Pipedrive to using Integromat - Your Virtual Project Manager

Creation of events and sessions

Once a client is won, and its status has changed to “won” on the Portfolio board, a dedicated board for that client is automatically created. The client can then request the events and incorporate the respective sessions for them.

Each client board is connected to the series of boards mentioned above that are used as resources to simplify the maintenance of the system. They provide the prices, the time zones and the hours to book the sessions that are also used to generate the quote on the same board.

Main board in to manage client requests

Management of quotes and invoices

As the client creates the event with the sessions, one can immediately see the price of the event and can ask for a formal quote.

The team is directly informed that a new quote has been requested. After reviewing that everything has been set up correctly, the event manager launches the creation of the quote from in Xero. As the quote is received on the board, the client is then automatically notified to approve it.

Once the job is completed, the invoice is generated and sent to the client for payment.

Do you need help to set up

Create session events in the platform

Before implementing this system, the company would manually create the sessions in the event management tool, incorporating the information provided by the client. Using Integromat and a direct connection through the event tool API, the sessions can now be automatically created, saving up to 10 minutes per session.  

The tokens required to access the sessions are retrieved from the tool, and a document is generated and sent to the client saving another 10 minutes. All these actions happen without going into each tool one by one. 

Management of the internal work

All the sessions from the different clients are displayed in a dashboard. This means that there’s centralized monitoring of activities. If there’s a need for some adjustments, then it can be addressed in real-time.

Also, the system incorporates notifications and automation to streamline the process and automate it as much as possible.

Collaboration in a central calendar

On the main dashboard, events and sessions’ schedules are set and then created in Google Calendar with Integromat’s integration.

Integration of Central Calendar using Integromat - Your Virtual Project Manager

With this centralization, event managers can monitor the schedules to avoid overlapping.


Two types of advanced dashboards were created:

  • A management dashboard where event managers can manage all the clients’ requests includes events’ hosting, meetings, and conferences. When events are already confirmed, event managers can monitor the schedules from the “Event Management Dashboard.” 
  • A financial dashboard displays insights about the earnings by date and projection. 


Prior to the implementation of this system, the company was using spreadsheets and a lot of manual work to move the information between systems losing time and unnecessarily using resources. Thanks to the incorporation of as a central tool, and Integromat for automation, the project managers and clients are benefiting from the streamlined process. Everyone gets to work effectively and efficiently.








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