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I would like to share how I use for training with one of my boards. I created it to onboard new team members in, and I hope it may serve as inspirations for others.

The training roadmap is envisaged to be used by each team member as his learning path with dedicated links to the relevant topics. Some of the tasks are completed during the training sessions and the rest are performed later by the person.

Training in - Roadmap
A long text column is added to be able to take his own notes. It also incorporates an estimated of the required time to aboard each topic.

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Each topic is categorized, so depending on the needs of the users the entry level should primarily focus in the Basic level, then Advanced and finally Master.

Learn the Basics

The learning path starts with a quick introduction to the basics of and the nomenclature that will need to be interiorized.

Training Monday - Basics

Boards, Groups and Items

This group covers the basics to start working with the projects, using groups and items, and managing the principles of collaboration.

Training Monday - Boards

Communicate and Collaborate

This section is focused in communication to acquire more knowledge about how notifications work, and to learn the essentials of how to collaborate efficiently with other teammates.

Training in - Communicate

Organize your work

This is part of the advanced path in order to learn create filters, perform advanced searches and prioritize the own tasks.

Training in - Organize

Become a Master

This is a starting point to become a master in, it provides a link to the main resources in other to go deeper in the preferred area.

Training in - Master

I hope it may serve as inspiration for onboarding your teammates in

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