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8 Tips for managing the bandwidth of your remote employees

The bandwidth of an employee is defined as the capacity of the employee to handle and process the workload at any one time. In today’s world when technology is at its peak, people often compare the bandwidth of technology with that of humans, which undoubtedly is totally inappropriate. As a virtual manager, you must be aware of the capacity of your employees. If you are a virtual manager, the following tips will definitely help you in managing the bandwidth of your virtual team effectively.
1. Understand that each person has a different capacity
As a virtual manager, it is very important that you must understand that everyone has a different capacity. For example, if it takes one person to complete a certain task in one hour, it can take the other 3-4 hours. When you are aware of this fact you assign the work to each team member according to what they can handle.
2. Be open with your virtual team
You should be open enough with your team that they feel comfortable telling you if they have reached their capacity. Create such a culture that your team members feel free to tell you if they feel stressed especially due to workload.
3. Ask your team how do they manage their work
It is the responsibility of the virtual manager to ask his/her team how are they balancing their work and how their bandwidth is. A great way to have an idea of their bandwidth is that you can ask them if they are given an option which task would they like to exclude from their workload.

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4. Be aware of the time required to perform a certain task

A manager is the one who assigns the tasks and set their deadlines, so you must know how much time it takes to complete a task. Keep in mind that every task requires a different amount of time to be completed, some can be completed in a day while others require a few days. This will help you to keep the workload of the employees within their bandwidth and not overburden them.

If you are using a collaboration tool like Asana, you will easily be able to monitor the workload of your team using the portfolio feature.

5. Keep in touch with your team

Always keep in touch with your team so that you know what your employees are doing and then analyze how is it affecting their bandwidth. Based on your analysis you must make the changes such as changing the job descriptions to maintain the balance.

6. Understand how the virtual environment work

In a virtual environment, the employees don’t come and leave the office at the regular work hours but this does not mean that you expect them to work around the clock and constantly. Also, It is possible that you like to work more hours than required but make sure that you don’t expect the same from your employees.

7. Make changes where required

As a virtual manager, you must be willing to make the necessary changes. For example, if you find an imbalance in the workload of employees, investigate the issue and make amendments.

8. Know the impact of exceeding the bandwidth

You must be aware that if the employees exceed their bandwidth limit, it has a huge impact on their performance. Not only they become slow in performing their tasks but it makes them stressed and demotivated. When you know this, you pay great attention to managing the workload of your team.

If you are a virtual manager, use these tips today and see how they help you in managing the bandwidth of your virtual team.

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