5 Steps for Implementing your Collaboration Tool

5 Steps for Implementing your Collaboration Tool

A collaboration tool helps the team in performing tasks efficiently, however, for this, the team must be comfortable using this tool and know how to use its features for their benefit. So, it is very important to carefully implement your collaboration tool step by step.

If you are about to implement a collaboration tool for project management, the following steps will aid you in doing it.

1. Determine the Needs of your Team

It is the management’s responsibility to determine the needs and wants of your team so that you know how to frame your conversations. You should tell your team why you are implementing this collaboration tool and how will it benefit the individual and the team as well. This way, your team members will be willing to learn and use the tool.

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2. Create a Plan

Make a goal statement of what you want to achieve and what is the purpose of implementing the collaboration tool. For example, your statement can be that you want to use this tool to prioritize your tasks and have access to all the information in one place.

Figure out which process do you want to execute and keep your process simple, easy and specific and define tasks and due date clearly.

3. Run the Process

Once you have listed which process is the best for your project, build your process as a project in the collaboration tool and show your team how to run it effectively and efficiently. Give your team training on how to use the tool so that they don’t hesitate using it.

Your team should know how to view their tasks, comment on tasks, mark a task as completed and share files in the collaboration tool.

4. Make your Team Use the Collaboration Tool

It is the project manager’s duty to create a culture of using the collaboration tool. This can be done by establishing conventions such as who will assign the task, who will set the due date etc. You also need to take responsibility as a leader to keep work in Asana; if you see any file-sharing or communication happening outside the collaboration tool, gently move it in the system.

5. Continue the Adoption of the Collaboration Tool

Evaluate whether you have achieved what you mentioned in your goal statement and if not, what needs to be done. Keep a track of your team’s progress and appreciate the team members when they achieve their goals.

Don’t forget to follow these steps to effectively implement the collaboration tool for project management.

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