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6 Tips for Creating a Search Report in is a collaboration tool for agencies that allows you to organize your work and makes the work management easy for the teams. It is a platform through which the whole team can access all the information in one place.

The search report in is of great benefit to the managers as it answers the key questions related to your project by using your data stored in However, to create search reports, a one-time set up is required for every individual report.

If you are trying to create search reports in this collaboration tool, the tips below can be of great help.

1. Create a Report for Overdue Tasks

Creating a report for overdue tasks can help managers figure out where their team is lagging. To create such a report you need to search for “incomplete tasks” with the due date “next zero days.” Once you have found these tasks save the reports which will then be available in the reports’ area.

The next step after the creation of the reports is to take action such as adjust due dates and discussion with the team members about when are the tasks expected to be completed.

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2. Create a report for Today’s Work

Creating a search report for today’s work for the team helps the managers in keeping track of the project’s progress.

The search criteria for these types of reports is that you enter the names of the team members you have assigned the tasks to and their status is incomplete. Also, remember to set a due date when you want the tasks to be completed.

The necessary actions for such reports are that keep yourself updated about the team’s work and check the progress by commenting.

3. Follow Up Tasks Report

These types of reports are for when you want to follow up on some work. When you run a report for a follow-up task, search for tasks that you created for your team and are incomplete. Comment on the tasks you want updates on and create subcategories if you want to take any further actions on any task.

4. My Projects Tasks Report

If you want to run a report for tasks of a specific project, you have to sort by project and search for uncompleted tasks. Check the task’s status to determine what actions are required and make comments as needed.

5. Run Project Progress Report

Search for completed tasks to see what you and your team have accomplished till now. Add your team members’ names to find out which members have successfully completed their tasks. Don’t forget to appreciate those who have performed well.

6. High Priority Tasks in

If you have upcoming tasks of high importance, creating a report will help you convey the task’s priority to your team. Set the due date according to when you want the tasks to be completed and check-in by commenting.

Create these search reports today in to execute your project successfully.

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