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How to synchronize Pipedrive to monday and create advanced workflows

Bringing in more leads and managing these leads properly fuel any types of businesses. With a good conversation rate of leads means profit.  

The importance of the abovementioned factor is every business owner’s concern. In this time of the digital age, you need to keep up with the trend or lose business opportunities.  

Transitioning to manage your potential customers using a lead management tool is something that you should look into if you’re aiming to grow your business.  

However, if you already have enough leads then all the more that you need to have a streamlined process in dealing with those to make sure that they don’t turn into mere wastes.  

If you’re either of both, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will tackle one of the lead management tools called Pipedrive and how to integrate it to 

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What is Pipedrive

It’s a web-based application for lead management. Owners and project managers can track leads or deals and get to notify everyone involved in a certain deal when it is moved to another stage.  

It also has the ability to source qualified leads in LinkedIn as one of its features. 


Why use and Pipedrive

While Pipedrive is the lead management tool, is the collaboration tool. A business may have a main dashboard in monday per client (depending on the configuration) that not only manages the deals but also other processes like billing, scheduling, and others.  

How to connect Pipedrive to

Make (formerly Integromat) is used as the integration and automation tool that connects and Pipedrive.  

how to connect Pipedrive to

Different integrations will then be set to perform specific actions. For instance, Make (formerly Integromat) automates the filling out of a “name column” from the available data in Pipedrive. 


First, a client or project board is created. It will contain different columns that should match the categories of information in Pipedrive.

On that board, client requests or events are created with “specific session items” that are called “deals” in Pipedrive. 

Once these session items are moving to a different phase, let’s say the schedule is confirmed, Make (formerly Integromat) will then alert Pipedrive of the change and it will be synced.  

pipedrive create deal

A card in Pipedrive will be moved to show the progress and a notification will be sent to the parties involved in that deal or session.  

The client dashboard is where every main action is triggered then Make (formerly Integromat) relays it to other applications like Pipedrive. You, as a business owner or project manager, don’t have to go through each application to fulfill a process. 

If you think Pipedrive suits your business needs, click here to check it further. Also, you can book a free consultation with me if you need more details on this type of integration.

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