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Strategic Goal Management with Monday.com

Creating a structure to drive goals toward success can be complex, that’s why in this article and video we want to show you how managing goals can be more manageable with monday.com. From general goals to daily tasks, all with one powerful and efficient tool.

Imagine having a clear view of all business goals at a glance. Each team member knows his or her responsibilities, deadlines, and the direct impact on the overall objectives. This is possible with the structure we will see here.

How does it work?

Let’s start with the first dashboard: “General Objectives”. Here, the annual or quarterly objectives are detailed. Using grouping and column view functions, you can clearly see the progress, sponsor, and leader of each objective.

Moving down to the next level, we come to the “Key Results”. Each is associated with an objective and broken down into key actions. We show you how to use groups to organize and assign achievement dates. Visualization is key, and Monday.com makes it easy to track milestones.

By connecting “Key Results” to “Initiatives,” we see how to structure and assign responsibilities. The interconnection between dashboards becomes a valuable asset, providing a complete view of how each task contributes to the overall objectives. Gaining key benefits such as:

  • ✅ Process Optimization: simplifies management from general objectives to specific tasks.

  • 🚀 Integral Vision: Connects teams, initiatives, and objectives for a complete understanding.

  • 🎯 Efficient Decision-Making: Evaluate progress and make strategic adjustments with ease.


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Don’t miss the full video if you want to simplify your goal management and increase your team’s efficiency! You will see the theory and be guided through the practical setup on Monday.com 🎬.

Also, why not schedule an appointment for one-on-one consulting? Find out how these strategies can be tailored to your specific needs ¡let’s optimize your path to business success here!

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