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How to connect to a Web app like Bubble/Clappia

As you shift to the use of for project management, you may have other web apps for some specific business processes. The great thing with monday as the collaboration tool is that you can integrate other applications.

While there is a built-in integration, some apps are not available like the ones I am using, Bubble and  Clappia. In this article, I will give you an overview on how to connect these two web apps to using Make (formerly Integromat).

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About Clappia and Bubble

These two are cloud-based platforms where businesses can create customised apps. Usually, these apps are for data collection, receivables and payables tracking, inventory tracking, and others.

The difference between integration vs using Make (formerly Integromat)

For applications that are available on the Integrations Center, you can easily setup your integration within monday on a certain board where you need it.  

built-in integration monday

The integration scenarios are already provided so you just have to connect your account for the app that you’d like to use. 

integration scenario monday

On the other hand, using Make (formerly Integromat) for your integration and automation means you will do the setup process off the monday platform. One of the advantages though is that you can choose to utilize integration scenario templates or create your own from scratch. 

Another good thing about Make (formerly Integromat) is that it allows you to create custom automations that can be used within 

webhook integromat monday


Establish the connection between and Bubble or Clappia in Make (formerly Integromat).  You need to have a Make (formerly Integromat) account to do so. You may click here to sign-up. 

Set up the integration scenario

To start, you need to decide which template to use or you can build your own that will execute the automation you need. For instance, you need the inventory data on the app you’ve built using Bubble or Clappia to be displayed on a monday board. 

If you would prefer to build your own, you need to choose the apps you’ll be using. In this case, it will be Clappia and or Bubble and 

Choose the interval

You need to set the schedule of how often you would like the scenario to run.  

scheduling an integration scenario in integromat

Pick the modules

Next, you need to pick your modules. Modules are already provided if you use a template. 

After adding a module that will access a column on monday, you need to connect your account using the API key.  

Once the above step is done, you can then add another module to access the data on your Clappia or Bubble app. This is where you’ll connect your account. 

Depending on your required automation, you may need additional modules.  

Get started

Hoping that this article gives you the jumpstart you need to try connecting web apps like Clappia and Bubble to using Integromat. If you need further assistance, you may book a free consultation with me. 

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