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Simplified Project Planning: Flexible and Strict Dependencies on Monday.com

Managing dependencies in projects can be a real challenge, can’t it? But today, I bring you exciting news about how to do this more effectively on Monday.com. Let’s get right to it!

In this video, we explore Monday.com‘s recent functionality that redefines dependency management. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you want a flexible or strict connection. What does this mean? Imagine a project with multiple connected tasks: if you move an initial task, the next one can behave in two ways. It can be flexible, not moving unless it clashes with the time overlap, or strict, moving with each change automatically Simple and effective!

Key Benefits:

  • Flexibility Your Way: Now, you have full control over how dependencies behave.

  • Improved Intuitiveness: Forget about complicated configurations. The new interface makes managing dependencies as easy as choosing an option.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Facilitate your day-to-day project management with a simpler, more visual workflow.

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Want to see it in action? Don’t miss the full video here. Also, if you are ready to improve your project management, join the community in our Monday.com Spain group. Or if you are looking for more personalized help schedule a toll-free call with me.

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