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Optimizing Workflow: Two Ways to Master Recurring Tasks on Monday.com

In the world of project management, you sometimes find that you have to assign recurring tasks to people on your team. With that in mind, Monday.com gives you two easy and automatic ways to do it, and today I’ll reveal both of them. Get ready to revolutionize your workflow!

From automatic daily task creation to dynamic sub-elements, this video will guide you through flexible and powerful options. You decide how you want to approach your recurring tasks.

How does it work?

Elements for Daily Tasks:

  • Powerful Automation: Set up an automation that creates a daily task assigned to the appropriate person.

  • Flexibility of Choice: Select days and times for automatic daily task creation.

  • Effective Organization: Daily tasks are created as items, maintaining an orderly and clear flow.

Sub-elements for Associated Tasks:

  • Element Creation: Create a main element assigned to a specific person.

  • Automatic sub-elements: Use categories to automate the creation of sub-elements associated to that person.

  • Detailed Management: Each sub-element represents an associated task, allowing a more detailed and specific management.

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For example: Imagine you have a category for “Social Networks”. With the first strategy, you would create daily tasks automatically for the person responsible. With the second, you would create a main element assigned to that person and, depending on the “Social Networks” category, Monday.com would create specific sub-elements, such as “Reply Comments” and “Create Content”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your daily routine – watch the video now! And if you want to discuss these strategies in more detail, schedule a consulting appointment with us.

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