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One of the best features of is the possibility to use automations to create complex workflows reducing the manual steps and connecting boards between them. Since a few days ago, you can now create your own automations “custom recipes”.

Custom Automations in - Automation

To create them you have to select the each of the subsequent actions to construct your own automation.

Custom Automations in - Create Automation

There are a lot of possible combinations, some of them are already part of the default automations list and there are also many new combinations (20 approx.) that will provide more options for automating processes. Here there are some of the new automations I find most useful:

– When status changes from something to something create a group. It can create groups in more specific use cases.

– When person is assigned change status to something. This option is very suitable to initiate a task with a default status just assigning the responsible.

Not yet in Create your free account.

– When column changes change status to something. It can be used to monitor columns and change status accordingly.

To ensure I can repeat the same automation, for the moment they are not saved across the account, I have created a table that have also help me to identify all the possible new combinations.

Custom Automations in - All

The table basically gathers the required steps for creating each custom integration and some space for annotating the possible use cases for each new combination.

You can find hereafter all the possible new custom recipes:

When status changes to…

Custom Automations in - When status changes to

When status changes from…

Custom Automations in - When status changes from

When person is assigned…

Custom Automations in - When person is assigned

When date arrives…

Custom Automations in - When status changes to

When column changes…

Custom Automations in - When column changes

When date arrives (scheduling)…

Custom Automations in - When date arrives - when

I hope it may serve as inspiration for managing custom recipes with

If you need any consulting service or you want to know more about all the possibilities of the platform you can visit this page: services

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