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6 Tips for Managing your Creative Process in

Asana is a collaboration tool for creative teams that helps manage your work and creative process effectively. It lets you convert your strategies into successful campaigns and help in achieving your objectives on time.

This collaboration tool for creative agencies has helped many businesses in managing their creative process and marketing campaigns such as Sony, National Geographic, etc.

If you are using Asana for managing your creative process, below are some tips for you to do it efficiently.

1. Execute your Strategies Successfully

Asana lets you create objectives based on your strategies and programs. You can set your goals’ priority and due date and view its current status and progress. That way, the whole team is aware of the objectives and tasks and can successfully deliver results on time.

2. Run your Campaigns Efficiently

With Asana you can have all your information and files in one place. You can create timeline and access your progress which helps in planning and running efficient and successful campaigns.

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3. Easily Manage your Process with the Collaboration Tool

You can manage your production process quite easily with Asana by creating tasks and prioritizing requests. It also helps you manage resources and deliver better results and outcomes on time. This collaboration tool lets you have your whole creative process in one place.

4. Sync or Create Calendar with Asana

You can use Asana’s content calendar template or sync your existing one so that you can visualize all your work in a calendar view. This means you can have your schedule in one place with the option to edit the dates.

5. Launch Products or Services Successfully

Asana has a product launch template which you can edit according to your goals. You can create timelines to keep track of deadlines. This tool helps you create a detailed launch plan which in turn results in a faster and successful product or service launch.

6. Keep Track of Everything

You can track each and every detail of your events. This is even easier with Asana’s event template or you can also import your existing event worksheet.

Don’t forget to apply these tips to manage your creative process more effectively and efficiently with the help of a collaboration tool.

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