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How to Implement a Claim Management process in

I am working with one company implementing a medical claim management process in Claim management in US is a lengthy and complex process with many different steps, stakeholders and paths. There are even dedicated tools to manages this kind of process but it can also be implemented with with some initial planning.

The whole process contains 11 boards connected between each other’s, with 8 dashboards to monitor all the processes and provide meaningful data.

Claim management in - Board

The initial stage of the project was dedicated to capture the process in order to understand the different casuistries. I created a flowchart incorporating in it the most relevant actions.

Claim management in -Flowchart

Once the process was captured interviewing the owner of the process, I implemented it in

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Each board contains 80 columns, some of them dedicated to incorporate formulas to summarize the data and provide the meaningful information about the status of the claims and the payment.

Claim management in - Fields

To manage the workflow, within each board, and between each of them, there are 60 automations that simply the process and reduce errors.

Claim management in - Automation

Finally, to display the most relevant information, the project contains 8 dashboards that gather information from several boards at a time. (The data displayed here is dummy information).

Claim management in - Dashboard

I hope it may serve as inspiration for managing claims with

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