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How to use monday.com for managing Quarantines

This project is aimed for fighting COVID-19 managing the quarantine process.

The main purpose of the project is to create a CRM within monday.com to monitor the health status and the needs of the people that may be infected by the virus and that have to be monitored during the quarantine and after it. It is applicable to zones where populations are dispersed, and the monitoring of the disease is performed mainly by phone to check the existence of symptoms.

Due to the fact the HIPAA regulation in US has been relaxed, under some strict circumstances, the use of monday.com could be authorized even in pro plans for managing certain personal information. It’s advised to confirm this fact since this situation may change or depend on the region.

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The whole process would contain 8 boards connected between each other’s. Depending on the health status and the required needs by the patient different task are created in other boards.

Quarantine management in monday.com -boards

This is part of the flowchart of the process that was captured interviewing the responsible for the project.

Quarantine management in monday.com -process

The main board for quarantine management is envisaged as one item per patient, with columns dedicated to each status.

Quarantine management in monday.com -board

I hope it may serve as inspiration for fighting COVID-19 with monday.com. Any suggestion will be welcomed.

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