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Discover How to Compare Goals and Reports with Monday.com

For any company, it’s crucial to set goals, but above all, to be able to verify if they are truly being achieved in the real results. This allows for timely actions, and with Monday, this comparison becomes notably graphical, dynamic, and easy to carry out. I’ll show you how below:

1. Create Specific Boards:

  • Start with an executive board and another for setting goals and objectives.

  • Ensure that each goal has a defined date; it’s crucial for the comparison.

2. Set Up the Stacked Chart:

  • Use the stacked chart to facilitate the comparison between goals and sales.

  • You can choose between bar charts or stacked lines, but make sure to select the stacked chart.

3. Configure the Chart:

  • Select the comparison by date, opting for weeks for this example.

  • Use the expand mode function to view both boards side by side.

4. Choose Metrics:

  • Pick the metrics you want to compare, such as number columns for sales and goals.

  • Ensure that both columns use the same measure for an accurate comparison.

Key Advantages of This Comparison:

  • Clear Visualization: Get a clear visualization of how sales compare to goals week by week.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Facilitate decision-making by quickly identifying areas that need attention.

  • Progress Tracking: Observe the progress of your goals concerning real metrics.

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