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Transform Your Business Management: Efficient Reporting System with Monday.com (1/5)

Executive reports can be a headache for many, but today I bring you content that will change the way you handle your reports. Get ready to simplify and empower your reporting process with Monday.com.

For this case, I’ll use the example of a vehicle sales company to show you how to structure an effective weekly reporting process and get the most out of this tool. Also, brace yourselves because this process will be a small series where I’ll explain each step in detail.

Process Structure:

Board Connection:

  • Create specific boards for finances, sales, and operations.

  • Connect these boards to an executive summary board and another for general or departmental objectives.

Data Capture and Summary:

  • Use columns to capture key data such as the percentage of sales and refurbishment costs.

  • Connect the information to a goals and objectives board for a comprehensive view.

Automation of Weekly Reports:

  • Automate the creation of weekly items on the boards using date functions and automation.

  • A designated person updates the information weekly to keep it current.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective Automation: Save time by automating the process, from data capture to weekly updates.

  • Perfect Coordination: Seamless connection between boards facilitates team collaboration.

  • Updated Data: Ensure you always have the latest information.

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