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How to Filter by Sub-items on Monday.com

In project management, Sub-items are an essential function, and as we use them more, filtering becomes a necessity, in order to know what to focus on. The good news is that it is now a possibility on Monday.com!

Until some time ago, we could only filter the content by the columns present in the main elements of the projects. But now, with this setting, we have the freedom to filter by the sub-item columns as well!

How does it work?

Imagine having a project, where one of the main elements is “Create a website” For this you create several sub-elements assigned to different people, on different dates and specific states, but, for the moment, we are only interested in seeing what X person must do.

Before, this was impossible to do, since we only filtered by columns of the main elements; However, now from the “filter” button at the top, we can find the option to choose the column of sub-items we want, with the condition we need, allowing us to create more focused and personalized views.

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How to get more out of it?

The best thing is that we can save these views as default. In the video, we show you how to make custom views like “My tasks”, which lets each user see only the tasks that have been assigned to them. This saves a lot of time and helps users focus on what is really important.

We also explore how to use these filters in any type of dashboard, view, graph, or widget, for a clearer and more efficient overview of project progress.

If you want to see the application of this process and take project management to the next level, don’t miss the video we prepared for you! Click Here to discover how to implement these tricks and improve your experience with Monday.com

If you have more questions about the features and configurations of the Monday.com dashboard, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation with me.

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