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Optimize your work: Connect Schedules with deadlines on Monday.com

In project management, the dates and the time that we can optimize are everything, that is why today we bring you a video where we will show you how with a small, but revolutionary trick we can connect the schedule column to a deadline column in Monday.com. An adjustment that will make a difference in your daily management.

In this video, you would see how you can enhance your workflow, connecting dates automatically and enjoying a clearer and more organized vision of your projects.In addition to:

  • Optimize time: reduce manual adjustment time. Enjoy automations!
  • Have greater focus: Filter between the dates you can see, to focus on the ones you really need in your timeline
  • Simplify management: More efficiency, less complications!

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If you have more questions about the features and configurations of the Monday.com dashboard, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation with me.

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