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How to update from the email using embedding buttons in the messages using Make

Emails have become an integral part of our very connected personal and professional lives, and in the world of business, they play a crucial role in communication and collaboration. Whether you’re sending a quick update to a colleague or crafting a formal proposal to a client, email provides a convenient and efficient way to exchange information.

In this digital age, technology has provided us with different tools to conduct business in an even more seamless manner. For instance, as a CRM app has a built-in email integration feature that just makes client and project management easier.

The work OS,, has several remarkable features that can make users handle emails like the “Emails & Activities” tab that can be accessed from the Updates Section. Then, there’s “Email to Board” where you can directly forward an email to your board and have some information mapped to your existing columns. If you’re a user, you must be familiar with these two. If you’re new and about to get the platform, then you’ll be acquainted with the features that I’ve mentioned and more likely be amazed.

As a specialist, I have created a process that takes the integration of and a client’s email account to a whole new level using Make. I will be sharing with you the use case in the succeeding paragraphs as you might find this useful. Please read on.

What's going on with this client?

This client operates early childhood education centers. When there’s an interested parent, they facilitate the tour to the schools. Then, from the tour to the enrollment of the child. The whole process involves a lot of paperwork and manual handling of tasks.

They have a CRM that is tailored to education with no open API integration. So, for internal processes like notifications to the team to make changes in an interested party’s stage, it’s all done using email. For instance, from an inquiry or lead to a tour, and then tour to enrollment or tour to waitlists or tour to not being interested.

With all the manual notifications, the tendency for things to be buried in the mailbox is so high. Not to mention the time it takes for the back and forth.

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How does the embed button using Make help the client?

I’ll take you through the whole workflow on how an embedded button in an email is used to update from email.

The process involves three apps:

  • account

  • email account

  • Make (formerly Integromat)

Additionally, an email template for each stage is prepared. The sending of the new email is being triggered by automation recipes. I will discuss this further later in the article.

Configure boards

Several boards are configured but I would like to highlight one board which is called the “Enrollment Process.” In this board, each item or task has an “Owner” which is a person column, and then a “Status” column and there are other columns too that are relevant to the business processes. Change in the status triggers automation to send a message via email of which the recipient will be the one assigned as the “Owner” of the task – this process is facilitated by Make.

Within the board, automation recipes are in place so that when the status of an item changes, it moves to the designated group. For example, if the status changes to “Invoiced” then the item moves to the “Awaiting Payment” group.

Send emails using Make and update columns

Email with embed button to update column

As I have mentioned, Make facilitates the sending of emails when the status is set in the item that serves as the trigger. However, this isn’t one way. Once the recipient receives the email, in this case, the owner of the task, a button is embedded in the email where the person can confirm if the task has been performed. It is then where specific columns on the “Enrollment” board are updated triggering a different set of actions to be fulfilled. It will then send another email with an embed button that again, the owner of the task must click to confirm that the task is completed.

Instead of the “owner” of the task accessing one’s account to change the status of his/her task, he or she will just click the button on the email received and it gets the job done. This is especially helpful if it’s not totally necessary to give the task owner access to the board.

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Setup the integration flow in Make

Make - How to send emails

Sending email notifications with the embed button that can update the items in monday is among the repetitive tasks that are best taken care of by automation. This is where Make does the work for you. If you don’t have a Make account yet, click here to create one.

Aside from sending the email according to the item’s status in monday, you can also set up in Make to send daily reminders for the task owner to perform the action.

Try embedding a button on your email!

I have laid out the basics of what you need to do to get a task owner’s confirmation if the required actions for a task have been completed. Try using Make now to embed a button and update from email.

If you have further questions about board functions and configurations, you may schedule a commitment-free consultation with me. 

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