10 Tips to Evaluate your Virtual Team Performance

10 Tips to Evaluate your Virtual Team Performance

Every entrepreneur working with a remote employees wants to evaluate the performance of his/her virtual team which helps in determining the areas that require improvement. It also allows you to appreciate the good work of your team and hence, helps in motivating the team members.

If you are an entrepreneur managing a virtual team, below are some tips that will help you in evaluating the performance of your remote project teams.

1. Determine the performance based on the quality of the work

It is always important to set up a system where you evaluate the performance of each member of the virtual team based on the quality of work they have delivered and whether they delivered it on time or not. This will also help you in making decisions related to the promotions of the team members.

2. Conduct the performance review through a video call

When you are working in a virtual environment it is very rare to perform performance reviews face to face. So you should try to do it through a video call rather than a phone call. The benefit of doing this is that you will be able to see the facial expression and body language of your employees.

3. Select an appropriate location to conduct the review

Before conducting the review, make sure that you and your team members both find a place where there are no distractions because it is an important process where you will discuss confidential information and interruptions can affect the outcome.

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4. Give proper time to the review meeting

When you schedule a performance review meeting with a member of your virtual team, make sure that you both have the time it requires and that there is no hurry from any side. It is one of the

Most important meetings you have with your team members, so give it the time it deserves. Also, check your communication technology before the start of the meeting to avoid wastage of time.

5. Include the topics not covered in typical performance metrics

It is not a hidden fact that virtual project is different from a traditional one in many aspects and requires different skills, techniques, and metrics. The same goes for performance reviews. Ask your employer questions such as: are they comfortable with the technologies and tools? How do they find working in a virtual environment? Etc.

These types of questions are not included in a traditional performance review but are important for the review of a virtual team.

6. Take into account the cultural aspects

In a virtual environment, culture has great importance because the virtual team consists of people from different cultures and backgrounds. While conducting the performance review, keep this aspect in mind that employees may be struggling to cope with the new culture. For example, some employees may not be comfortable speaking on conference calls.

7. Determine how your virtual team managed the project costs and budgeting

This is one of the main features for evaluating the performance of your virtual team because the success of your project is greatly dependent on whether the team managed the project budgets and costs successfully or not.

8. Check whether the needs of your target audience are addressed or not

While evaluating the performance of your virtual team, determine if your team successfully addressed the needs and wants of your target audience because if a project doesn’t meet the customer’s requirement, it is considered extraneous.

9. Conduct a performance assessment

Create a performance assessment form and include all the important factors which affect the success of the project. While performing the assessment mark yes or no for each factor and see where your team needs improvement.

10. Conduct reviews on a regular basis

Remember, employees like to hear your feedback and since you don’t usually conduct a conversation with your virtual team face to face, they feel valued when you dedicate time to appreciate their performance and highlight any areas of improvement. So it is your duty as a virtual project manager to carry out performance reviews on a regular basis.

Remember to follow these tips to evaluate the performance of your virtual team successfully.

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