5 Tips for managing the day-to-day of your virtual team

5 Tips for managing the day-to-day of your virtual team

Managing a virtual team on a day to day basis is not as easy of a task as it seems. More often than not, a virtual manager monitors his/her team by sending a ton of emails to the team members about their roles and responsibilities and follow-up work. However, this is not the right way of managing your remote project teams.

If you want to manage your team the right way, below tips will be of great help.

1. Plan the daily check-in

Employees don’t like to be disturbed every few hours so you should plan your check-ins. Keep them at the same time every day using the same medium such a messaging or video calls. Another important thing is that you have a clear purpose of checking-in such as to get an update on work progress, etc.

2. Keep the check-ins precise and short

Be sure to make the check-ins short and precise instead of scheduling a fixed time for it for example 30 minutes or an hour. This will help you in focusing on the important factors. If you need to discuss something in detail, you can keep the daily check-in short and schedule more time for a weekly check-in.

3. Make full use of the technology

There is technology out there that offers shared access to employees, the team’s calendar, etc. If you have such kind of technology use it to your benefit to explain the responsibilities of your team for the week. Instead of checking in individually tell your team to include you in any email related to the updates. However, don’t fully rely on technology. For example, if you think some things are better discussed on the phone instead of messages, don’t hesitate to do so.

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4. Have detailed procedures and policies

Make to have a detailed document for policies and procedures. This helps the team in understanding how things works and you don’t need to tell it to them on a daily basis. Do remember to include a plan for how you will manage the work if someone falls ill.

5. Listen to each and every team member

You must ensure that each and every team member gets the appropriate time to express what they feel about their work and if they are facing any issues. Provide them an environment where they can ask for help without any hesitation.

Use these tips today to manage the day to day operations of your virtual team effectively.

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