5 Tips for Building a Virtual Community

5 Tips for Building a Virtual Community

A virtual community is a group of people having a common mission and objectives and it plays a vital role in communication among the members of the virtual team. Having a community means you have a specific site for your team where you can outline your goals, track progress and share other details of the project.

However, building a site is not an easy process and sometimes requires technical help as well.

If you are a virtual project manager, below are some tips that can greatly aid you in building a virtual community.

1. Know the Purpose of Creating your Virtual Community

It is very important for you as a virtual project manager to be clear about why you want to build the virtual community and how will it benefit your team. It is also important to make sure that all the team members have the equipment and tools required to access the site or system.

2. Determine the Features you Want

When you build a virtual community for your team you must first determine what features do you want to include on your site and how will these be helpful. You should also decide how will you encourage your team to use the site and set some rules and regulations for using the site.

3. Include Discussion Boards in your Community

Don’t forget to add discussion boards in your site and it is your duty as a remote project manager to encourage your team to use them more often. Discussion boards allow the team members to share their ideas with each other and get feedback from the team.

They also develop collaboration among the team members. Another great benefit of discussion boards is that you can join the discussion anytime.

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4. Create a Culture of File Sharing in your Virtual Team

Remember to include the feature of web and file sharing in your site which allows you to share useful information and websites. As a leader of the team, you should try to create a culture of file and web sharing in the community.

If the team members find any information which they think can be useful to the team, they should share it in the community so that everyone can access it and use it.

5. Act as a Moderator

Since every community needs a moderator who can supervise and control the site, it is the responsibility of the virtual manager to be the one. For this purpose, you also can get training to get familiar with the tools and features of the site.

If you are a manager of a virtual team who is trying to build a community, try to use the above tips to make an efficient virtual community.

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