Make Surveys Conversational With TypeForm

Typeform is an online software as a service (SaaS) platform, which allows users to create online forms and surveys. The platform is designed to make forms more interesting and get the target audience more engaged. 

Instead of making boring forms, TypeForm allows users to create more engaging forms that the audience finds pleasure in responding to. In other words, you get to create forms, quizzes, and surveys that people enjoy answering.

TypeForm is a versatile data collection software, which allows people to make connections with the survey. The platform offers flexibility in the creation of forms, surveys, and questionnaires. 

The interactive designer and range of available templates make the design process easier, faster, and effective. The free plan allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform then you can upgrade your plan to access more exciting features.

What Makes TypeForm Unique

TypeForm is made for humans, allowing people to answer one question at a time. The platform provides a way for people to answer questions the same way they would when having a conversation. This significantly boosts engagement and provides more accurate responses. You get more honest and well thought out responses with a higher rate of completion.  

In addition to a conversation-like survey, TypeForm is also designed to impress. The design and appearance are attractive to the eye and keep the audience engaged at all times. 

The built-in photo and video libraries allow users to bring questions to life. You can paint a picture of the question to the respondents, giving them an edge to be more honest in their responses. You can also choose custom themes and layouts that show your brand at its best while utilizing a sleek interface to tie everything together.  

The platform is built with brains, providing values to both organization and their audience. The conditional logic, which is also the basis for the forms, lets you ask the right follow-up questions while skipping the rest. 

You get to create surveys that feel more like conversations, and less like interrogations. Click here to check out the various features of Typeform.

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Key TypeForm Features

TypeForm stands out as an impressively versatile survey software that offers tools for designing forms and crunching the data collected. Each feature contributes to the full operationalization of the software, allowing you to get responses in the best possible way. The key features include: 

Logic Jumps

The feature that sets TypeForm apart from other survey tools is logic jumps. Unlike other online survey tools that set questions in an interrogatory manner, the focus of TypeForm is to make the interaction more conversations. 

Logic Jumps allow users to create multiple forms in one, guiding the respondents through the questions in a seamless manner. Depending on the response given, the form will take the respondent down one of two alternative paths for the rest of the survey. This ensures that the actual needed results are generated from the survey. 

You can also have multiple logic jumps within a form to automatically tailor the questions to the individual answering.

High-Level Data Collection

TypeForm is designed to collect high-level data from the respondents. Instead of generic questions that can be predicted, TypeForm ensures that each question adds value to the survey. The focus is on high-level response while diving deep into the weeds for other types of information. 

If you are offering business forms, the logic jumps will allow you to offer multiple services to clients depending on what they responses to earlier in the form. This way, you get to simplify the service delivery process and boost your conversion rates.

Multiple Template Options

With TypeForm, you can jumpstart the survey design process by choosing from a wide range of templates. Depending on what you want to achieve or the message you want to pass across, you can choose a template that represents you as a person and your business as a brand. 

The available templates are built around business-centric purposes to give you more flexibility in what you want to achieve. This could be to enhance customer feedback or boost lead generation. 

Even when you cannot find a template that matches your goals perfectly, you can customize any of the available and build forms in a shorter time than starting from scratch.     

Plans and Pricing

TypeForm offers its users several pricing options to choose from. The free plan is quite useful for new users, but it is restricted in terms of available features. With the free plan, you can create 3 forms and are limited to only 10 questions per form and you can only receive 100 responses in a month. 

Apart from the free plan, TypeForm also offers the Basic Plan, Plus Plan, and Business Plan. The Basic Plan starts at $25 per month billed yearly. With this pricing plan, you get access to an unlimited number of forms and questions. You can custom-brand the forms, collect payments through TypeForm, and set up logic jumps.

The Plus Plan gives users access to even more functionalities. The plan is priced at $50 per month billed yearly and allows you to get up to 1,000 responses per month and an unlimited number of forms and questions. The Plus Plan also offers users an unlimited number of logic jumps per form. 

If you want a higher response limit, you can choose the Business Plan, which goes for $83 per month billed yearly. The limit is 10,000 responses per month.

Prices or limits may change without notice, you may click here to check on up to date pricing and other information.

Interface and In Use

Do you need help to set up

Working with TypeForm is pretty straightforward. The browser-based form and survey designer are meant to work like a notebook. This way, users can ask questions and get specific answers. 

The platform is intuitive from the get-go in that you only type out questions, add multiple choice options with bullet points, and start gathering responses. The built-in designer can be too much if you want to design a basic and simple survey with a few customizations, but it works great when creating surveys that stand out.

The approach you take in designing forms with TypeForm will depend on your goals, audience, and purpose. You can choose to work with the customizable blocks, where you pull in responses from an earlier question. 

For instance, you can start the survey by pulling in a question from the respondent’s name or email and getting it into the text of another question. You can also choose earlier responses and use them to build multiple-choice options. An easier way would be to ask the respondents how they would like to be contacted based on the information they entered earlier in the survey.

The presentation of the surveys in TypeForm is meant to be as engaging as possible. The questions developed are displayed as slides and not all on a page. By having a question on each page, the platform ensures that the respondents remain attentive. It also prevents making long surveys repetitive and boring. 

In each slide, you can also add images, videos, and other visual components to make the survey more engaging. Another option would be to change basic stylistic elements to match your brands, such as the font and color.

TypeForm ensure that you get the results you want by giving you flexibility on how you structure your questions. In this platform, you are not limited to either open-ended responses or multiple-choice options. 

Instead of the boring yes/no questions, you can create multiple-choice questions using images. You can also create a contact information entry field that allows you to automatically check whether the phone number and email provided are valid.

In case of any hindrances or difficulties navigating the TypeForm software, their support team is available to help. The platform offers support via email to guide users on the proper way of using TypeForm. 

It also provides users with a wealth of information on how to use the platform. Most of the answers and solutions can be found on the website’s extensive and searchable library.

Integrating TypeForm to

As a consultant, I would recommend TypeForm to anyone who wants to create intuitive forms and surveys. I have found the platform easy to use and flexible for any kind of setting. 

One of the ways of getting the best value from TypeForm is integrating it to This will help you get all your insights from TypeForm organized in a central place for easier access. For the connection between the monday account and TypeFrom, Integromat which is an integration and automation tool will be utilized. 

A typical use-case is the management of leads, orders, and/or service bookings. Customers will fill out the form and the information will be sent and created as items on the board via Integromat.

From the monday board, you can manage the next steps and choose who among the team members will have access to the information. Aside from project management, when you have all the data available on a monday board, you can set up a dashboard view for high-level data to help you in analyzing various aspects of the business.

The integration allows you to quickly transform orders to action, improve team communication, and align the needs of your clients with the best service possible.

If you have further questions with board functions and configurations, you may schedule a commitment-free consultation with me. 








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