The CRM software that's simple
to set up and easy to use

One place to manage every aspect of your sales process.

Flexible and intuitive

Customizable to fit your 
sales cycle

Easily tailor your CRM to work for you, without any development help. Edit deal stages, add as many columns as you’d like, manage multiple pipelines at once, and more.

Centralize client communication

Communicate efficiently with your contacts by integrating your email. Automatically log sent emails, keep track of interactions, and use personalized email templates to save you time.

Save valuable time by automating sales processes

From project managers to senior executives, keep every stakeholder updated with real-time data. Effortlessly communicate project statuses, roadblocks, and deadlines while collaborating across teams on one centralized platform.

Get the full picture.

From every single deal to the entire overview

Get an instant overview of each

With a single click, quickly access all the information you need to close deals. View contact details, understand deal progress, and what needs to be done next.

Increase visibility 
with customizable dashboards

Easily build dashboards in real time with no development help. Gain insights into where deals stand, expected revenue, your team’s performance, and more. ז

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