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Discover the Secrets of Item Cards in Monday.com! 🃏✨ Optimize Your Work with This Powerful Tool

Do you know the differences between monday.com columns and Item Cards?

Imagine an extensive board with many columns. Before, the only way to use it was by entering information into the respective columns and manually incorporating formulas, wasting a considerable amount of time. Since the introduction of the Item Card, we can now create tabs with different information according to each team member’s needs.

For example, in the case of managing a home purchase, one tab contains general information about the property value, square meters, and surface area, among other details. Another tab may contain information about rental profitability, with formulas incorporated into the columns. This allows each user to utilize the information according to their specific needs.

In another example, we apply the Item Card concept to manage school admissions. We create an Item Card with key information about the child, parents, and school details. Once the information is complete, we generate a document with PandaDoc connected to the board. Another person reviews, approves, and sends it. We also receive information about the signature, viewing, or rejection, and can perform more actions within the same Item Card.

In essence, Item Cards are an efficient way to organize information and execute actions, providing additional benefits such as:

  • Efficient Organization: Structure information clearly and practically.

  • Flexibility: Personalize tabs according to each user’s needs.

  • Integration with External Tools: Connect your board with tools like PandaDoc for smoother management.

  • Quick Execution of Actions: From document signatures to approvals, all in one place.

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Managing has never been so straightforward! 🌟 Don’t miss the full video on our YouTube channel. Ready to transform the way you manage? Click and schedule a free consultation for more tips. Until the next video, entrepreneurs! 🚀👋

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