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Master Real Estate Management: Rent and Manage Your Tenants Successfully!

Managing property rentals can be quite a challenge. From posting advertisements to evaluating candidates and handling expenses, every step is crucial to ensure a steady income flow and a positive experience for tenants and, of course, for you.

Imagine having multiple properties and different candidates for each one. This is where Monday.com and its auxiliary boards become your best allies. In this article, I’ll show you how to use them.

1. Form for Evaluating Candidates: Create a form for potential tenants to provide crucial information such as name, email, phone number, monthly income, pay stubs, and employment history.

2. Rental Management Board: Once candidates complete the form, the information is automatically organized on the board. Here, we evaluate their data and decide whether to proceed to the next step: the visit. The efficiency of this process saves time and allows us to easily compare multiple candidates.

3. Evaluate Visits and Interests: After visits, we move interested candidates to a new group. Here, we can easily compare options and decide who our ideal tenant is.

4. Tenant Selection: Once you have selected the right tenant, you can move their information to the main tenant management board for more detailed tracking.

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Don’t wait any longer to optimize your rental management process! Watch the full video on our YouTube channel for a step-by-step guide, and schedule a free consultation to receive personalized guidance on how to use Monday.com and efficiently manage your rentals.

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