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Monday.com WorkForms: The Evolution of Smart Forms

Forms are an ideal way to collect valuable information in a few minutes, and Workforms from Monday.com, knows this perfectly, so now it gives you the ability to customize and automate them intelligently, from their conditionals.

Imagine that we use the forms to receive candidates in different areas of a company, with Workforms you can customize them according to the department and job position. This not only simplifies the application but also provides you with specific and relevant data.

For example, if you are looking for a Marketing Specialist, by using conditionals, only the questions relevant to this role will appear, offering a smarter experience, and clear and organized information instantly, allowing you to make decisions much faster with benefits such as:

  • Adaptability: Forms that fit every need.

  • Time Savings: Eliminate unnecessary questions for an efficient experience, collecting only necessary and relevant information.

  • Simplified process: Manage, visualize, and analyze results instantly directly on Monday.com.

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