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Revolutionize your Project Management! Schedule like an Expert

As project managers, we know that dates are key to effective management. If you’ve ever wondered how to optimize your timelines and masterfully handle multiple projects, you’re in the right place.

Imagine a common scenario: you have a new client, and you need to strategically assign dates, considering that the project has different phases of proposal, design, and manufacturing. This is where the methodology we propose comes into play.

How It Works? :

We use two boards and a dashboard. The main board for the first part of the project (Lead, Proposal, and Design) and another for manufacturing and delivery. Why? We want to leverage the already confirmed dates of the sub-elements and use a column summarizing the dates as a blocked and current plan.

  1. Assigning an Initial Plan: Select available dates and assign a tentative one on the main board.

  2. Qualify the Lead: If the dates align, move on to the Proposal.

  3. Accept the Proposal: The project moves to Design, and when the design is approved, the dates are automatically blocked on the manufacturing board.

  4. Strategic Colors: Differentiate blocked and planning projects, thanks to the use of different boards and colors.

  5. Real Planning: Confirm dates and see how the project comes to life.

Benefits of This Method:

  • Visual Management: Colors indicate blocked and planning projects.

  • Flexibility: Adjust dates as the project progresses.

  • Strategic Planning: Identify gaps between projects and optimize time between them.

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