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Date Allocation – The Key to Success!

To be successful in the world of project management, the use, and clarity of dates and deadlines for assigned tasks are crucial. In this article and video, we will unravel the importance of always using a date column on Monday.com. This tip can be the key to transforming the way you view and manage your tasks and those of your team.

How does it work?

As the saying goes, a plan without a date is just a dream, dates give us a north, and deadlines a limit that for us and our team is essential, as it makes us act and prioritize with more clarity.

Especially if we use software like Monday.com, since by combining dates with dashboards like “My work” we can have great benefits such as:

  • Integral Vision: Connecting deadlines allows you to see all your tasks in one place in order, either yours or those assigned to your team.

  • Adaptability: Customize according to your needs, showing or hiding the columns you require.

  • Team collaboration: If you are a leader, add your team so that everyone is on the same page.

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Definitely, integrating dates in your projects will be an easy and fast process that will radically change your management. Visualize a dashboard with a clear view of all your assigned tasks, adjusting dates and statuses on the fly, and collaborating with your team effortlessly.

Don’t waste any more time! Click Here and find out how to set up this simple tip and revolutionize your project management on Monday.com. If you have more questions about the functions and settings of the dashboard on Monday.com, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation with me.

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