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Maximize your collaboration: three quick ways to share panels on Monday.com

Sharing valuable information is essential for any team, from reports to dashboards to complete work charts, sharing is the best way to keep everyone on the same page.

That’s why, in this article and video, we break down three ingenious ways to share dashboards on Monday.com, ready to simplify your work and improve collaboration? Here are the ones you need.

  1. Custom Invitations: From the share button, invite team members directly or share links to easily join with immediate access.

  2. Automatic Scheduling: There’s no longer a way to forget to send your reports, now you can schedule automatic recurring invitations as often as you prefer to keep everyone up to date.

  3. PDF Export: Transform your dashboard into a detailed PDF for professional presentations and effective documentation.

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Keep your team informed and up-to-date on everything that happens in your company, without excuses, fast, automatic, and flawless, so they can make more informed decisions in real time, with effective collaboration and fluid communication.

Click on the video now! Discover how applying these 3 simple ways of sharing can transform how you work at Monday.com. If you have any further questions about the features and settings of the Monday.com dashboard, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation with me.

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