how to sync events from and create them in Google Calendar

How to create events in Google calendar with duration and full information

When it comes to event management, every detail matters. If a single detail is missed like the exact hour or duration, it will affect the whole event. Project management businesses cannot afford to have this kind of mess as it means a business loss and dissatisfied client.

With the help of, all relevant information of an event like the event type, duration, schedule, and others can be seen in a main dashboard. All information will then be reflected in Google Calendar for an integrated view.

As to how to do it, I will give you an overview of the processes in this article.

The main board contains the requests of a client. A specific event is presented on the item row with several columns that has the billing information, event information, and others.

Tip: If you’re new on using, you may check the Glossary here to better understand the terms. 

create events in Google Calendar - main board

Each event will have sub-items that correspond to the required sessions of the client. It also has columns for session-specific information like the start and end time of the event, time zone, date, and others.

event information in a board

The information for each column like the time zone comes from separate boards in the workspace that are treated as resources.

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Timezones - Resource board in monday

Once a session is created on the main board, it goes to a separate board called the “Calendar Management” board.

Calendar Management board in monday

The “Calendar Management” board is linked to Google Calendar using Make (formerly Integromat). Every update on the “Calendar Management” board will reflect on Google Calendar.

Integromat link for board and Google Calendar

The schedule from the Google Calendar can then be easily sent to the client. This way, no session is missed and everyone is notified.

I hope you’ll find this information useful and that you can make use of the processes. 

If you don’t have a account yet, you may sign up here. For integration, Make (formerly Integromat) can well serve your needs.

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