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How to implement a coaching survey in

I would like to share some ideas about how you could implement a regular coaching survey using If you are a coach or a personal trainer and you would like to get regular insights from your clients, you can utilize the forms to capture the information, then manage the data and add new fields in the dedicated board and finally display these data in a dashboard.

The workflow can be started from the board that you capture your leads and after that can be implemented using one dedicated board for each client to collect the survey. There, you can incorporate the coaching questions and other metrics that you want to implement related to your coaching service. for coaching - Board

A form can be shared with your client to collect his responses. You can do it daily, weekly or with the frequency that you need. You just have to share the link with your client, and he will provide the information directly in the form. for coaching - Form

Finally, you can create meaningful dashboards with the regular information that you receive from your client. If you want, you can invite him as a guest to your workspace to share with him this report.

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If you need it, you can create one dashboard for you and another one for the client. for coaching - Dashboard

One last trick, if you want to display the information in a nice line chart you can convert the status fields to numbers so you will be able to use them later in the dashboard. for coaching - Formula

I hope it may serve as inspiration for managing coaching surveys with You can contact me if you need additional details about how to implement this process.

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