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It’s no secret that businesses need to stay on top of their messaging. Keeping up with customer inquiries, scheduling, and communication can be a full-time job. Luckily, there’s an easier way to automate your WhatsApp messages using and Make (formerly Integromat)—a visual automation platform that connects third-party apps.

Read on to learn how you can send automated WhatsApp messages.

The Benefits of Automated WhatsApp Messages

Automated WhatsApp messages are a great way to stay connected with your team in real time without having to manually send out messages each time there is an update or task assignment change. With the integration of‘s automation features and WhatsApp’s messaging capabilities, businesses can easily create automated workflows that help keep their teams informed of the latest updates on any given project or task assignment.

These automated messages can be customized with different templates depending on the type of message being sent (e.g., task reminders or progress updates). This makes it easier for teams to stay organized while keeping everyone in the loop at all times—without having to actively manage every single WhatsApp message being sent out!

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How to Set Up Automated Messages

Make (formerly Integromat) is an automated task generator that helps streamline your workflow on boards and other applications. Using custom templates and triggers, you can easily configure automated messages that are sent out to team members or customers via email, Slack, SMS, WhatsApp (and more!) without any manual work involved! This saves valuable time for both employees and customers alike as they don’t have to spend time manually sending out messages or waiting for a response from someone else on the team.

The workOS can be integrated with Make so you can quickly set up automated Whatsapp messages for your business without having to learn complicated coding languages. All you have to do is create a board on that contains all the relevant information you need, like customer names, contact numbers, and message content.

You can then connect this board to Make where you will configure the automation rules for sending out WhatsApp messages automatically when certain conditions are met—for example, when the status of a deal changes.

On Make side you will need to configure Whatsapp to launch the message, a couple of things you will need are:

  • A Facebook account.

  • A number dedicated to this integration.

You can do it yourself or I can help you with the implementation plan.

When to Automatically Send WhatsApp Messages

Send automated WhatsApp messages to remind them about deadlines

You can set up an automated Whatsapp message reminder for yourself or a colleague when a certain task is due. When the due date arrives on the board on, Make will automatically generate a message reminding them of the task which is then sent out via WhatsApp (or any other channel).

Schedule a message for task progress

You can also use it to send out regular updates about progress on tasks or projects – this ensures that everyone in the team has access to the latest information at all times without having to ask around for it manually!

Use it to send initial information to potential customers

Make also allows you to personalize your messages by adding variables such as customer names or product details into the message body so each message is tailored specifically for each recipient.

Additionally, Make allows you to schedule messages so they go out at specific times instead of just relying on manual triggers like customer orders or clicks on links in emails. This ensures that all customers receive their messages in a timely manner without any delays due to manual intervention.

Receive Whatsapp messages

In the same way that you send a message, you can also receive the responses from your clients on your board and mantain the conversations with them without leaving

Whatsapp Business Cloud Monday

Start to schedule WhatsApp messages!

Automating your WhatsApp messages is essential for any business looking to streamline its messaging process. With and WhatsApp messaging integrated using Make, setting up automatic messaging is easier than ever before. All it takes is creating a board with all the relevant information needed for each message, configuring automation rules in Make, personalizing each message with variables from the board data set, scheduling automatic sends at specific times—and voila! Automated WhatsApp messages done right! 

I even use it as a consultant. Whether it’s basic needs like sending out automated thank-you notes after purchases or more complex ones like customizing messages based on customers’ locations or purchase histories— & Make makes it possible!

If you have further questions about board functions and configurations, you may schedule a commitment-free consultation with me. 

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