Step 1

Log in to the account where you intend to install the “Unlimited Projects.”

Step 2

Copy the provided link on the address bar of the browser. As the page loads, click on “Install.”

Step 3 (Optional)

After the installation, if you want to check that the app has been correctly installed, click on Apps button

which is located on the lower left menu bar of your account.

To find the installed app, click on “Installed Apps.”

How to Add the "Unlimited Projects" workflow

Important: You need to use an account with admin right so you can install the app. 

Please watch the video:

Step 1

To use the boards on the “Unlimited Projects” – click on +Add and then “Choose from templates.”

Step 2

On the search field, type “Unlimited Projects” or you can also find it under the “Project Management” category.

NoteIf it doesn’t show on the first attempt, refresh the page.

Step 3

The Unlimited Projects workflow will be installed in your Main Workspace. You can keep it there or move it to another workspace and incorporate then the subfolders.