5 Tips for Improving your Work Breakdown

5 Tips for Improving your Work Breakdown

The performance and success of a project depend greatly on the project management skills of a remote project manager, such as how you describe in detail the work required to complete the project.

This provides the basis of responsibilities, resources required, roles that each virtual team member will play, etc. that is why it is very important to have a complete and accurate work breakdown structure (WBS). 

If you are a remote project manager, you should check out the tips below that can help you improve your project’s work breakdown structure.

1. Involve your Virtual Team

Your team members are the ones who will be doing the work, so it is very important to discuss with them when creating a work breakdown structure. This will also help you ensure that your virtual team understands and agrees with your work breakdown structure.

2. Use the Work Breakdown Structure of Similar Successful Projects

You should use the WBS of projects similar to your project as a guide. It will help you in determining if your structure is feasible or not. Also, discuss your workbreak down structure with people who have worked on similar projects. Their experience can help you create a great WBS.
You can also use templates of WBS made specifically for the type of project you are doing. These templates are often made according to the experience of people who have successfully worked on similar projects.

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3. Keep Updating Your Work Breakdown Structure

Throughout the project you will need to add, remove and change certain elements that you initially described. Remember to update your work breakdown structure accordingly so that there is no confusion about anything.

4. Assume about Unpredictable Situations

If you figure that some activities are uncertain make assumptions about them and include them in your work breakdown structure. Later on, if you don’t actually perform those activities, exclude them from your WBS and update it accordingly. 

5. Order of Activities Doesn’t Matter

Don’t spend too much time on accurately ordering the activities on WBS. Even though there is no disadvantage of describing the activities in the order you will be performing them but it is usually difficult to do so in complex projects. You WBS for identifying and describing your project’s outcomes in detail.

Don’t forget to apply these tips to make a great work breakdown structure for a successful project.

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