7 Skills you will need to manage a virtual team

7 Skills you will need to manage a virtual team

Managing a virtual team is a complex process because it requires leading the team from a distance and across different time zones. No matter how experienced you are, you need to have a specific set of skills to lead a virtual team efficiently.

If you want to manage a virtual team smoothly, in addition to possessing a dedicated skillset, you also have to be good at project management because projects and VTs both have to deliver somewhat same type of results such as they should be delivered on time, meet the quality and standard desired by the customers and they should not exceed the budget.

If you are struggling with managing your virtual team, below are some useful tips to become a great remote team leader.

1. Be a Competent Leader

To be able to manage any team whether it is virtual or not, you have to be a good leader. You must inspire and motive people by sharing with them your vision and mission.

As a leader of a virtual team, you should know when you need the help of others and shouldn’t hesitate to ask for it, this is particularly important because you are not around to handle the situation.

2. Know Your Surroundings

You should be aware of what is happing and why it is happening and if you find something inappropriate you must be able to take proper action to make things right.

Leading a virtual team means you are managing people from different countries and backgrounds and each of them has their own culture. You should keep that in mind and work accordingly.

3. Build Good Relationship with your Team Members

In order to motivate your team to achieve the goals, you should form a healthy relationship with the members so that they can trust you. If your team members are not satisfied with what you do as a leader you won’t be able to progress.

4. Get Things Done

You as a leader must have the ability to get the equipment, support, and resources required for achieving the goals, this means you have to be good at networking. If you have a good relationship with the right people, it becomes easy for you to get things done.

5. Have Self-Confidence

You need to have assertive behavior and enough confidence to take action and handle certain situations that can otherwise cause conflicts.

6. Communication is Essential

One of the biggest challenges faced by a remote team manager is communicating your ideas and thoughts to the team and understand their responses because they have to communicate from a distance. Fortunately, there are many technologies available to help virtual teams to keep in touch. So you should know which technology is available and when to use it.

You should give great importance to your communication with your team members so that you as a team can achieve the goals and objectives.

7. Be a Great Mentor

It can be a bit difficult to coach a team from a distance using video calls etc. but to be an effective virtual team manager you must guide your team members and help them in every possible way.

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