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Jotform is a full-featured online form builder, which is designed to make it easier to create robust forms and collect relevant data. With over 10 million users globally, Jotform Enterprises offers a gateway for gathering better information to power your business. Users of Jotform include small businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and enterprises.  

JotForm is rated among the best form builders for customization with a drag-and-drop designer and a wealth of attractive templates. The form builder is powerful, yet simple enough for use in different settings. The platform prioritizes ease of use and collaboration, ensuring that the needs of different types of organizations are fully met. Multiple people can edit a form at the same time, giving teams an easy way to collaborate on projects. The JotForm design process is flexible in a way that allows users to customize templates and surveys for specific uses.  


Why JotForm

JotForm prides itself in providing powerful forms. They believe that having the right forms will make all the difference. With Jotform, you can go from busy work to less work. The powerful forms are effective because they use conditional logic, generate reports, accept payments, and automate workflows. The platform offers versatility and flexibility with an easy-to-use form builder, a suite of integrations, and limitless customization options useful for teams of all shapes and sizes.  

JotForm is a tool that organizations can use to manage their online forms. For instance, healthcare providers can use JotForm to create online health screening that allows patients to book appoints and physicians to accept online payments. Educational institutions like schools and universities can use JotForm for registration of students, management of surveys, and a way for the student to submit assignments. Businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations can also use JotForm as a platform for collecting and analyzing data.


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Key JotForm Features

JotForm offers uses a variety of tools to help in building surveys and organizing the data collected. The most important features include: 

1. Templates and Themes

JotForm offers templates and themes to use with your surveys. You can choose from over 10,000 available templates for free and create a survey that appeals the most to your audience. While this may make it difficult to determine which template will work the best, the variety of choices means you can always find something that will produce the desired results. Since the template library is organized by categories and is completely searchable, you can find templates that define your brand and favorite the ones you would like to reuse.  

A minor difference exists between JotForm themes and templates. While the templates are complete forms that you can customize based on your needs, themes give you the colors you want to use. The templates focus on customizing the final look of your survey rather than its content. Themes, on the other hand, come with non-standard designs and colorful backgrounds. Therefore, templates are almost ready to use, but themes will require you to pair them with a design to create a form. 

2. Apps Integration and Widgets

In addition to templates and themes, JotForm also offers a wide range of app integrations, which allow users to work with most other business software. For instance, you can send notifications about form entries to Google or Slack, accept payments through Square or PayPal, or store submitting files in Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. With almost 200 apps available for integration, working with JotForm has been completely simplified.  

Jot form also provides user-friendly widgets, which add functionality to the forms. For instance, you may use a widget to take photos with a webcam, let respondents e-sign forms, embed files, or attach videos or images. JotForm also allows you to add collaborators to a form for easier teamwork and collaboration, You only need to send them a shareable link to access the form without having to create multiple JotForm accounts. Teams can also benefit from simultaneous editing, which allows members to contribute to a project by editing specific areas. 

3. Interface and In Use

Although JotForm’s website is not the most organized, it is easy to use and apply all features. You can access the dashboard that gives you control over other aspects of the platform. From here, you can create new forms, manage existing ones, and share some with colleagues 

Creating a new form is pretty straightforward. You can choose to have all your questions on a single page or create a question for every slide. Then pick a template and theme that works well with your organization. The drag-and-drop feature in the form editor is extremely intuitive. It comes with elements that cover all the basics of creating a form, including short answers and multiple-choice responses. It is also easy to edit the content based on the data that you need. 

JotForm usually requires a few theme customizations and setting when creating forms. However, this is in any way overwhelming and neither does it complicate the process. Even creating a survey from scratch is pretty easy and will only take you a few minutes. Custom branding is also easy and giving your surveys a unique look will take you just a few minutes. After all, you get to preview the form before releasing it into the world.  


What Makes JotForm Unique

JotForm is created on the philosophy that paperwork should not slow you down. The platform was created to make online data and payment collection seamless, allowing you to build a better workflow and build your business. This is useful to all kinds of organizations and industries across the world. JotForm Enterprise provides a digital workplace productivity tool, which allows organizations to achieve high ROIs. JotForm stands out because of: 

  • Single Sign-On – With JotForm Entreprises, you get a single sign on to the platform. The SAML user authentication and integrations allow you to work with popular enterprise products, including Google, Okta, Active Directory, and OneLogin. Individuals with other directory service solutions can also get special authorization to use with JotForm. 
  • Safe and Secure Data – JotForm Enterprise provide both security and compliance for all data. The platform ensures that the highest industry standards are meant to help in protecting information. All form data is stored on dedicated services, which are HIPAA certified, PCI DSS Level I protected, and encrypted by 256-bit SSL. Users also have the option of storing data within the EU. 
  • Dedicated Support Team – JotForm Enterprise provides all its users with priority customer support. The support team is available during standard business hours, ensure all customer concerns and queries are addressed in good time. 
  • Local Data Hosting – JotForm Enterprise allows for geo-localization of data. You can host your account in almost any geographical location in the world using Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  
  • Import Existing Forms – With JotForm, you do not need to rebuild your forms if you already have them. The migration tool allows you to import your current forms from the legacy environment. This gives you a smooth transition and saves you time. 

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Plans and Pricing


JotForm Enterprise offers one of the affordable form builders compared to its competitors. The platform offers an attractive free plan, which comes with 5 forms, 100 submissions/month, and 10 payments/month. This gives a clear distinction between different types of users and the magnitude of their form needs. The basic plan is particularly useful for individuals and small businesses that do not have a high volume of documentation. The only downside of the free version is that the surveys and other comes will come with Jotform branding instead of your own custom logo.  

To get access to more features, you can upgrade to the Bronze plan. This costs $19 per company and significantly increases your capacity to build forms. You can build up to 25 forms, make 1,000 submissions in a month, get 10 GB of content space, and access unlimited storage for response collection. With this option, you get to remove the JotFrom branding and add your own in all forms. 

Another pricing option a client can choose is the Silver Plan. This costs $39 per month and offers clients 100 forms and 10,000 submissions in a month. This plan is particularly useful to healthcare organizations, which need to secure form responses and ensure they comply with HIPAA regulations. Users can also upgrade to the Gold plan, which is the most expensive. This one costs $99 per month and provides uses with an unlimited number of forms.  

JotForm Integration with

From my own experience, JotForm is one of the best platforms for creating surveys and forms for organizations. Therefore, integrating it with makes it easier to work with the platforms. is an intuitive platform that allows the collaboration of teams and helps in transforming how people work together on projects. On this platform, team members can manage their work, meet deadlines, and develop a collaborative culture. The integration of JotForm enhances teamwork because information can now be sent from JotForm to and get everyone on the same page. Teams will also get to analyze responses together and find out how specific forms were filled. This smooth exchange of information eliminated the need for manual entry of data or installation of a third-party software tool to connect and JotForm.  

If you have further questions about board functions and configurations, you may schedule a commitment-free consultation with me. 









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