How to create a product catalogue and SKUs in - SKUs

How to manage a product catalogue and SKUs in

With the arrival of subitems you can use them for a lot of different purposes, and one of them is to manage your product catalogue, using the subitems as the subcategories of each SKU concept. You already know, the SKU is the unique number that you may use to internally track your business’ inventory. They are usually alphanumeric and should provide information on the main characteristics of the product like type, model, size, or color for example.

The first step in your board would be to incorporate some general instructions for the creation of SKUs, you can use the description of the project or the first item.

How to create a product catalogue and SKUs in - Categories

Then, you can create the main categories and incorporate the subcategories as subitems. As main categories you may use are model, type, size, color and any other specific to your industry.

For instance, the category “Colors” will include “Black” , “White”, “Red” as subcategories. With each subcategory you can incorporate some specific fields as the description of the it or even an image.

How to create a product catalogue and SKUs in - Colors

Once you have created all the categories and subcategories, you can create a dedicated group for each product category and incorporate an item for each type of product. You can use the dropdown column to incorporate each of the SKU concepts. You may also use a status column but take into account that, at this moment, you would only be allowed to incorporate up to 30 different concepts. With a dropdown the possibilities are unlimited.

How to create a product catalogue and SKUs in - SKUs

When you have created all the dropdowns with the SKUs subcategories, just summarize them using the concatenate formula in the “SKU” column.

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One trick, if you have some empty fields you can hide them using an IF formula inside the concatenate function.

How to create a product catalogue and SKUs in - Formula


How to automate more your processes:

– Import your SKUs to QuickBooks using Make (formerly Integromat)

Once you have created the SKUs in your board you can automate the importation of SKUs in QuickBooks using Make (formerly Integromat). For that purpose, you need to add some columns in to replicate the fields in QuickBooks. The most common fields that you will need are “Description”, “Sales price”, “Cost” or “Preferred vendor”.

How to create a product catalogue and SKUs in - Quickbooks Integromat

After the first importation you can set another automation to regularly update the existing SKUs when there is a change or import new SKUs that are created.


– Pull the SKUs from other boards.

Now that you have the SKUs in your workspace you can use them in other boards like inventory, orders and many more. Just use the link a mirror columns for that.

I hope it may serve as inspiration for managing a product catalogue and SKUs with You can contact me if you need additional details about how to implement this process.

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