how to manage orders with products using monday

How to manage orders with products in

Competition is very stiff nowadays but the good thing is that business opportunities are boundless. As others say, the world is a businessman’s market.  

If you’re a business owner dealing with product fulfilment day in and day out then this is for you. If you already have a account but would need some idea on how to configure your boards to manage orders, please read through this article.

Manage Leads

Start with a board where you can manage your leads. You may set different statuses to determine the phase of a certain client. For example, “Negotiation, In review, or Won.”  

And then, aside from the basic contact information of the clients, I have columns for lead creation date and then target close date. - leads management board - manage orders

To have a better view of the “won” leads, I have a dedicated group for them. The won deals are moved automatically to the “Closed Won” group using the automation recipe: “When status changes to something, move item to group 

So, in the example below, the exact automation recipe is “When Stage changes to Won, move item to Closed Won. - move won deals - how to manage orders with products

Then, while moving the “Won” deal, it can also be created in another board to track fulfillment. 

Not yet in Create your free account.

Track Product Fulfilment

Create a board which will be dedicated for your won deals or this will be your “Product Fulfillment” board. In this example, I’ve named the board as “Open Orders.” - product fulfillment board

Configure this board to show the materials needed and the specifications for the orders. I also have the shipping details included. 

From the same board, you can update clients with the fulfilment status of their orders through email notifications. You can setup an automation for this. 

Note: Items on this board are automatically created once their status changes to Won on the “Leads” board.  

Monitor Inventory

To keep yourself updated with supplies, you can have another board for your inventory the same as the example below. Customize and add the details that you need. - inventory management

Having this board will help you quickly see which ones you need to order ahead based on your open orders. 

Setup a Dashboard

Aside from the three boards that will help you in managing orders, a dashboard is as important since it will show you vital information at a glance. Dashboard - how to manage orders

You may add on your dashboard a calendar widget that will show you the deadlines of all open orders. 

You Can Do It!

Start configuring the boards to manage orders with products in If you don’t have an account yet, feel free to click here to create an account.  

If you’re already a user and you need further assistance in setting up your boards, feel free to book a free consultation with me. 

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